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These distinguished and delightful teachers are among those who have graced our Toots through the years.

The Flanders Recorder Quartet
Ken Andresen
David Barton
Susan Barton
Becky Baxter
Martha Bishop
Frances Blaker
Marilyn Boenau
Bruce Brogdon
James Brown
Saskia Coolen
Sara Funkhouser
Cora Harnish
Dell Hollingsworth
Therese Honey
Valerie Horst
Jan Jackson
Danny Johnson
Herb Meyers
Ann Marie Morgan
Lyle Nordstrom
Pat Nordstrom
Alice Renken
Bill and Eileen Rees
Peggy Sexton
Frank Shirley
Barrett Sills
Laurie Young Stevens
Dale Taylor
Harriet Risk Woldt
Tom Zajac
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