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If you have digital photos that you'd like to contribute to this page, please email them to If you have un-scanned photos (e.g. prints) that you'd like to contribute, please postal mail them to:

Susan Richter
9913 Michael Dale
Austin, TX 78736
Please include a SASE if you'd like your prints returned.

Note that these pictures may take a while to download, but they are worth the wait!

Summer 2009 -- Jim Garrison

Here is an album of pictures from the 2009 Summer Toot, held at the new campus of Concordia University in Austin, Texas. Most of the photos are indoor scenes, but keep looking till you find some of the outdoor shots. It is a gorgeous campus. Thanks to Jim Garrison for the beautiful photos!

Summer 2007 -- Tom Beets

At his first Summer Toot, Tom Beets was inspired to snap a series of candid photos of participants, mealtimes, architectural features, and more. Be prepared for some innovative perspectives!

Summer 2005

At the 2005 Summer Toot, we were fortunate to have Jane Parsons taking pictures. More will be added to this page in the near future!

Summer 2004

Pictures from the 2004 Summer Toot; many thanks to photographer Lynda Abshire!

Summer 1999

Pictures from the very first Summer Toot, in June of 1999. Thanks to Jud Maynard for sending these photos taken by his cousin.

Fall Toots in Palestine

Pictures from unspecified years at Fall Toots in Palestine at the Lakeview Methodist Conference Center. Photographer(s) unknown, but they're good pictures!

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