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47th Fall Toot - 2022

The Fall Toot 2022 is privileged to offer an outstanding faculty of both local and guest instructors for our participants. This section includes biographical information on each of the individuals or ensembles teaching at the Toot this year.

Faculty by Last Name: Faculty by Instrument:

Miyo Aoki
Bruce Brogdon
Jennifer Carpenter
Carol Deihl
Therese Honey
Daniel Johnson
Susan Richter
Stephanie Noori
Mary Springfels

Recorders, Ensemble: Viols and other Bowed Strings: Lute and Harp: Reeds, Ensemble: Voice and Ensemble:

The list of classes being offered at the Toot is now available! A full description of each class can be found under the teacher's name below. The class selection form will be sent to each registered participant.

Miyo Aoki bio — Recorders (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Miyo Aoki will teach:

Lieblich gedackt Become a rank of organ pipes in this class of transcriptions of keyboard works by Buxtehude and Bach. Keyboard composers from the Renaissance and Baroque often conceived their music in four or more contrapuntal voices, which makes it perfectly suited to playing on a consort of instruments. Advanced, recorders only
Nach Englischer Art In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, several English musicians and composers left their home country to seek employment on the continent. Many of them found work in Germany, where they both absorbed the continental styles of music in fashion at the time and influenced other composers, some of whom produced pieces "nach Englischer Art" (after the English fashion). Intermediate and up, recorders
Madrigals of Maddalena Casulana Explore the madrigals of Maddalena Casulana, whose 1568 publication appears to be the first printed work by a woman in the history of western music. She was well-respected in her time, and Orlando di Lasso himself conducted one of her pieces at an aristocratic wedding celebration. Through her music, we will take note of madrigalian characteristics such as text painting and explore ways to highlight these with our playing. Intermediate and up, mixed instrumentation, singers especially welcome
New arrangements from Down Under We recorder players love to borrow music from the viola da gamba, and why should we limit ourselves to early music? Australian composer and viol player Brooke Green has graciously arranged some of her lovely compositions for viola da gamba so that recorder players can also enjoy them. Her music is influenced by early repertoire but brings in other styles as well, resulting in charming melodies and interesting sonorities. Upper Intermediate to Advanced recorders
Household Hits of the (15)80's and (15)90's With the rise of the Elizabethan middle class, more people were able to purchase printed music to play and sing in their homes. We will explore charming pieces with contagious melodies and dance-y rhythms. Lower Intermediate to Intermediate recorders

Jennifer Carpenter bio — Recorders (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Jennifer Carpenter will teach:

"Tooting" Technique Class Start your weekend off with a class to remind you of the basics of our recorder toolbox: air, fingers, and articulation. Pick up some quick (and fun!) exercises to bolster your foundational skills that you can continue to put to practice for the rest of the fun-filled weekend. Open to all recorders, any level
To the Gods of Wit and Wine Music, humor, and libations - it can be a pretty wonderful combination! Indulge in the wine-filled follies of Bacchus as portrayed by numerous composers over centuries. There may be some whiskey in the mix, too. Intermediate and up recorders, strings, and singers are welcome
If the Spirit Moves You Some of the most poignant and gripping music are spirituals. Rooted in biblical stories and transformed to speak of the hardships of slavery, many of these songs moved from the fields to find continued enjoyment in concert halls. Enjoy playing/singing a few spirituals and let the music move you! Upper-intermediate and up recorders, strings, and singers are welcome
The Most Famous Composer - Anonymous And she's the oldest composer, too! I've chosen some of my favorite pieces by Anonymous from the medieval and renaissance eras. Come appreciate the depth and beauty of her immortal compositional skills. Intermediate and up recorders and strings
Songs of Sundrie Natures Inspired by William Byrd's collection by the same name, we'll explore some witty and fanciful songs and dance tunes from the British Isles. Delight in the amusing texts, learn how we can shape these texted tunes, and get your feet tapping to some famous folk dances of the 17th and 18th centuries! Intermediate and up recorders and strings

Mary Springfels bio — Viols (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Mary Springfels will teach:

In the name of Ferrabosco We'll explore the gnarly and inspired in nomines of Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger. Instructor will play the plainchant, along with anyone who wishes to join. Viols, Upper int to Advanced
Dufay the Courtier Explore the delightful chansons of the undisputed master of the rondeau. Voices and instruments, Intermediate to Upper int
A voice like no other Antoine Brumel was the most original voice of his great generation. Chansons and motets by the master. Voices and instruments, Advanced
Isaac at play Heinrich Isaac's instrumental music is lively and very witty. Hunts, battle pieces, and jokes. Mixed instruments, Upper int to Advanced
Love Conquers All Delightful secular motets from the 13th Century. Voices and instruments, Intermediate to Upper int

Therese Honey bio — Historic Harps (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Therese Honey will teach:

Harp technique Work on simple exercises to warm up All harps
La folia Learn the chords for this timeless piece, and create a solo harp arrangement All harps
Medieval estampies Test your wits in this class and play through a couple of estampies. Harps and other instruments, Intermediate and up
Piae Cantiones We'll explore some selections from this collection of 16th century Finnish songs Mixed instruments and voices, intermediate and up
Turlough O'Carolan Learn and make a simple arrangement of a tune by this legendary Irish harper. All harps

Bruce Brogdon bio — Lute (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Bruce Brogdon will teach:

Harp and lute ensemble Just what the title says! All harps and lutes
Lute ensemble Just what the title says! All lutes
Lute technique for beginners Lutes will be made available for this class! Anyone
Lute song (with Danny Johnson) We will concentrate on Elizabethan song, particularly Dowland and Campion. Lutes and voices, intermediate and up
Continuo song (with Danny Johnson) We will explore Jacobean and early Italian song, especially songs by Robert Johnson, Frescobaldi, and Strozzi. Lutes and voices, intermediate and up

Carol Deihl bio — Beginning Viols (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Carol Deihl will teach:

Medieval Songs Selections by Dufay, Anon, and others; 2 and 3 part. No tricky rhythms in these pieces, and they're not virtuosic. All instruments and voices, Intermediate and up
Happy Holborne Favorite pieces by this favorite composer, in 5 parts. All instruments, Intermediate and up
Dancing with Susato We'll focus on phrasing in this exploration of multi-part dances by this master. Mixed instruments, Low intermediate and up
Byrd 3-part delights These pieces are especially nice for viols, but all are welcome. Intermediate and up
Beginning Viol Never even touched a bowed string instrument? Or, you're a prodigy on modern strings? Somewhere in between? Come learn to play a viola da gamba! Various sizes available to try out. Guaranteed you'll be playing a famous viol tune by the end of the class! Anyone!

Stephanie Noori bio — Viols (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Stephanie Noori will teach:

Violin Band Initially used primarily as a dance instrument, the violin family began its rise to prominence in the early 17th century. By the middle of the 1600s, the violin band became fashionable thoughout continental Europe and Britain in place of the tried-and-true viol consort. So lets have our own little violin band and enjoy playing some of what the violin does best - dance tunes! Violin family and gambas, all levels
Intro to Baroque Violin Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Baroque violin? It might look similar to the modern violin, but playing the early violin is a totally different beast. Come have a go! It's Ok if you don't have a Baroque instrument or bow. Bring your modern and some shelf liner and we'll get you going! Open to all levels
Rhetoric and Bowing for Viols and Violins This is a technique class where we will be exploring some basic rules for shaping and how to use a historical bow (and even a modern bow) to its best advantage to create the beautiful shaping that early music is known for. Violin family and gambas, all levels
Improvising with Ortiz If you're someone who likes to get off the page, and even if you're not, Ortiz is the composer for you. Not only are his compositions wonderful examples of written out imrprovisations, but Ortiz provides his players with all the necessary elements to make your own improvisations. Let's explore together. Violin family and gambas, any -- although bass is ideal
To Laugh or to Cry, that is the question Absolute music is wonderful but personally, I love music with a little bit of a theme or a story because I have a bit of insight into what the composer might have been going for. In this session, we will be exploring pieces that will play on some of the more extreme emotions such as laughing and crying! Violin family and gambas, all levels. Need at least 4, even spread of parts.

Susan Richter bio — Ensemble (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Susan Richter will teach:

Voices over louds Music for dulcians and sackbuts, with top voice(s) being sung by trebles. This is a combination that works very well, as these instruments were historically used to support the lower voices of church choirs and other vocal groups. All instruments and voices, Intermediate and up.
Loud band Selections from the Odhecaton and other sources, for dulcians, sackbuts, shawms and other open and capped reeds. Intermediate and up
Dances from the letter "P" Dances by Praetorius, Phalèse, Peuerl, and Possibly others. Lower intermediate and up recorders, viols, dulcians; percussion instruments welcomed!
Medieval pieces for 3 Machaut, Anonymous, and others wrote some wonderful pieces of music that have been set for recorders, but are also playable by other instruments (and even voices, as vocalise). They are instantly recognizable as having that 14th-century sound! Intermediate and up instruments and voices.

Daniel Johnson bio — Voice and Ensemble (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Danny Johnson will teach:

Lute song (with Bruce Brogdon) We will concentrate on Elizabethan song, particularly Dowland and Campion. Lutes and voices, intermediate and up
Continuo song (with Bruce Brogdon) We will explore Jacobean and early Italian song, especially songs by Robert Johnson, Frescobaldi, and Strozzi. Lutes and voices, intermediate and up

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