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36th Fall Toot - 2011

The Fall Toot 2011 is privileged to offer an outstanding faculty of both local and guest instructors for our participants. This section includes biographical information on each of the individuals or ensembles teaching at the Toot this year.

Faculty by Last Name: Faculty by Instrument:

Becky Baxter
Tish Berlin
Frances Blaker
Bruce Brogdon
Jennifer Carpenter
Carol Deihl
Jan Jackson
Daniel Johnson
Jane Leggiero
Rosamund Morley
Frank Shirley
Dale Taylor

Recorders: Reeds, Ensemble: Voice and Ensemble: Lute and Harp: Viols and other Bowed Strings:

Frances Blaker — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Fall 2011, Frances Blaker will teach:

Recorder Technique: Basic techniques and how to improve your playing. All levels, recorders only
Purcell Fantasias: Not dreams of Henry, but his four-part contrapuntal master pieces. Recorders, upper intermediate to advanced; Viols welcome. Big recorders also welcome - C-bass, contrabass.
Singing Instruments: Chansons, Frottole, Madrigal by the likes of Lassus, da Rore, Tromboncino etc. Recorders and viols, intermediate to upper intermediate. Singing allowed.
Dufay and Landini: Explore late medieval/early renaissance works by these incredible composers Recorders, viols, voices, intermediate to advanced.
New Vistas: Transcriptions for recorder from keyboard repertoire - Cabezon, Merulo, Bach. Recorders, advanced

Tish Berlin — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Fall 2011, Tish Berlin will teach:

15th century English music: This century in England is rich in beautiful music. Composers such as Dunstable, Frye, Power, Cornysh and others managed to write gorgeous sacred and secular music even while dealing with the vicissitudes of war and intrigue. Recorders, upper intermediate to advanced
Art of Fugue: The Art of Fugue has been described as the apex in fugal writing. Bach took a short subject and managed to write nineteen different fugues or canons on it, each one as imaginative and beautiful as the first. This class will work in depth on two of the four-voice fugues. Recorders, advanced
Baroque consort music in the Italian style: Arrangements of chamber music and concerti grossi by Rosenmüller, Boyce, Corelli, Vivaldi. We'll play ravishingly beautiful slow movements and heart-pounding, finger-flying fast movements from this exciting repertoire. Recorders, advanced
Praetorius, Sacred and dance music from Germany: Explore the world of Praetorius - Michael who is best known to recorder players for his Terpsichore, and some of the many members of an unrelated Praetorius family. Recorders, intermediate
Swing we and dance it!: Swing and other kinds of dance music from Praetorius on up to the Dorsey brothers and beyond. In this class you're allowed to tap your toes! Recorders, intermediate and up

Jennifer Carpenter — Recorders (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Jennifer Carpenter will teach:

Common Grounds: From famous bass melodies to popular tunes used as the backbone of contrapuntal instrumental compositions, we will explore various examples of "common grounds" used in the 15th-17th centuries. Recorders and viols, upper intermediate to advanced
Lamentations: Some of the most beautiful music were Renaissance compositions inspired by a composer's death. We will look at déplorations and lamentations written on the deaths of Binchois, Ockeghem, and Josquin. Bring tissues--this is poignantly beautiful music! Recorders and viols, upper intermediate to advanced
Trecento Trios: Italian secular music of the fourteenth century including madrigals, ballatas, and caccias by Paolo da Firenze, Niccolò da Perugia, Jacopo da Bologna and other trecento composers. Recorders and viols, upper intermediate to advanced
New class! Music of St. Mark's: The space in St. Mark's in Venice inspired a variety of ensemble music, particularly works for divided choirs. The class will focus on music created for this venue. Recorders and viols, intermediate and up
Parisian Chansons: We'll look at examples of this popular genre from the 15th and 16th centuries. Recorders, intermediate

Rosamund Morley — Viols (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Fall 2011, Ros Morley will teach:

Mannerism in the Jacobean viol fantasy: Music of Peerson and Dering. Viols, upper intermediate
Ronsard: Settings of the love poetry of Pierre de Ronsard. Viols and voices, intermediate
Who do you love?: Jenkins and Lawes - my perennial favorites. Viols, upper intermediate to advanced
Northern Lights: The luminous 5 and 6 part dances and canzonas of Scheidt and Schein. Viols and recorders, intermediate
Lamentations: A bowing class using the kind of music so closely associated with the viol. Viols, all levels

Becky Baxter — Historical Harps (back to top)

This Fall, Becky Baxter will be teaching:

Harp Percussion Band: Various techniques of playing drones with emphasis on varied rhythms and interesting patterns using prepared tunings and unusual hand positioning for accompanying energetic songs and dances in medieval, renaissance, and ethnic styles. Harps, all levels
Harp Solos Prepared In One Class Session - Cantiga: From the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X - we will prepare one cantiga from medieval Spain for harp solo. We will cover arranging ideas for accompaniment and fingering. If time allows we will begin working on a second cantiga. Harps, all levels
Harp Solos Prepared in One Class Session - Vyllano: From Spain and the New World, a gentler 16th century dance melody over a choice of different drones (according to personal technical skills level). The Vyllano is useful for processing in theatrical or religious contexts or as music to use during the Eucharist (Communion). Harps, all levels
Josquin Des Prez: A brief study of the northern renaissance master and genius. Using one secular chanson and one sacred piece as our class examples, (pieces found in the albums of Marguerite of Austria,) we will enjoy the beauty of melody and polyphonic line from this great composer. This class is for harps, mixed instruments, and singers. If time allows, we will also look at a piece or two from some of Josquin's contemporaries. Harps, viols, recorders, singers
Beginning Harp Class: For those who would like to give harp a try for the first time, a few historical harps will be available. Ability to read treble clef is strongly suggested to take this class. We will cover the basics of hand position, posture, choosing a harp, instrument maintenance, etc. All welcome

Dale Taylor — Reeds, Ensemble (back to top)

This Fall, Dale Taylor will be teaching:

The alta band: We'll explore small ensemble music (3- and 4-part) for shawm band. Some will come from the Franco/Flemish chanson repertory, while others will come from later Spanish sources. Exact literature will depend on who shows up, but will stay away from the difficult. Shawms, cornetti, sackbuts and dulcians, intermediate and up
Crumhorn Sampler: Since most literature wasn't designated for crumhorns, we have to find material that works. This class will pull duets, trios and more from the larger repertory that fit on capped double reeds. Crumhorns, cornamusen, rackets/rankets and sackbuts are all welcome.
Music from the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella: The "Cancionero del Palacio" contains over 400 works from the Spanish court around 1500. These tend to be simpler and more introspective than much contemporary literature. We'll sample a number. Recorders, viols, harps, sackbuts, singers, intermediate and up. Recorders should play alto up / more than one voice / fingering.
Dale will also have his repair shop on premises this year, and will accept work around his classes. He can do most recorder voicings, tunings, joint repairs and similar work during the workshop. More extensive repairs, including installing capped reeds will have to go back to El Paso. But there's no charge for asking, so if you think you have something which needs work, please come by and find out. He'll also have some instruments and books for sale.

Bruce Brogdon — Lute (back to top)

This Fall, Bruce Brogdon will be teaching:

Lute song class: Elizabethan lute songs, team taught with Danny Johnson. Lutes and voices, intermediate and up
Early 17th continuo song and airs de cour: From England, France, and Italy. Purcell, Caccini, Lambert, and more (team taught with Danny Johnson). Lutes and voices, intermediate and up
Beginning lute: Give it a try, c'mon, you know you want to! All welcome
16th century potpourri: Lute and harp ensemble! Plucked strings, intermediate and up
Lute ensemble: For continuo and treble lute! Lutes, intermediate and up

Jan Jackson — Recorders (back to top)

This Fall, Jan Jackson will teach:

Beginning Recorder: From the top. Recorder beginners
All Alone or Tea for Two: Lovely tunes to be played as single melodies or canonic duets -- from the Renaissance period. Recorders, beginning to lower intermediate
Stratospheric Playing: How to play the high notes well and how to practice them. Easy, straight-forward techniques for Baroque repertoire enthusiasts who like to soar with the eagles---with ease and grace! Recorders, beginning to lower intermediate

Frank Shirley — Recorders (back to top)

This Fall, Frank Shirley will teach:

J S Bach: Music by J S Bach on recorders. Recorders, intermediate to advanced
Madrigals: Madrigals, fa-la-la and serious, for recorders. Recorders, intermediate
Fun Stuff: Sousa marches and other fun arrangements. Recorders, intermediate to advanced
Dances: Renaissance dance music. Recorders, beginner to intermediate

Carol Deihl — Beginning Viols (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Carol Deihl will teach:

Beginning viols 1: Fundamentals, for brand-new or beginning viol players. A few instruments will be available for loan. All welcome
Beginning viols 2: Session 2 of beginning viols. Different material. All welcome

Jane Leggiero — Viols (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Jane Leggiero will teach:


Daniel Johnson — Voice and Ensemble (back to top)

This Fall, Daniel Johnson will be teaching:


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