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About the Twenty-Fourth Annual Texas Toot
November 19-21, 1999

You may register online, but we must receive your deposit check by postal mail to complete your registration. All registrations should have been received by October 31 - but don't fret! If you register right away, we'll squeeze you in!

Featured Faculty

The 24th Annual Texas Toot features the return of Valerie Horst, director of Amherst Early Music. Valerie brings her great expertise in early music, ensemble playing, and early notation.

We also welcome Marilyn Boenau who will be teaching recorder and double reeds. Marilyn has played with the Boston Shawm and Sackbut Ensemble and the Philharmonica Baroque Orchestra. Beginning in 2001, she will be the new director of Amherst Early Music.

Loud things (loud winds, drones, bagpipes, pipe & tabor, etc.) will be taught by the ever-popular Tom Zajac.

Viol classes will be led by Alice Renken, executive secretary of the Viola da Gamba Society of America, and by Susan Barton, leader of the Dallas Consort of Viols.

Additional Faculty Members

  • Becky Baxter, harp
  • Susan Barton, viols and medieval strings
  • David Barton, Renaissance brass, repertoire
  • Bruce Brogdon, lute
  • Carol Deihl, viol repertoire
  • Jan Jackson, ensemble coaching
  • Yvonne Kendall, Renaissance dance
  • Eileen Rees, viols
  • Bill Rees, flutes
  • Frank Shirley, repertoire
  • Peggy Turner, beginning recorder, repertoire
  • and others!

More Great Activities

There will be classes for singers who want to work with instrumentalists and without them. Other vocal opportunities during the weekend include madrigal singing on Saturday night and Sacred Harp singing on Sunday morning.

And, of course, the unbelievable, unmatchable, not-to-be-missed Krumhorn Konclave on Saturday night!

General Schedule

  • Friday Evening: Large Group play-in, followed by dancing
  • Friday really late: Pick-up groups
  • Saturday during the day: Classes
  • Saturday Evening: Madrigal singing, Concert, dancing, Krumhorn Konclave
  • Saturday really late: Pick-up groups (or sleep, if you must)
  • Sunday Morning: Sacred Harp singing, Large Group

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