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About the Twenty-Fifth Annual Texas Toot

November 17-19, 2000

The TOOT is 25!

Say it eight or ten times - catch the nice rhythm of the words. Then think about a grassroots gathering of Texas recorder players and early music enthusiasts that has grown into a well-known (if not famous) and respected (if not infamous) workshop, with two annual gatherings that draws participants from all over the United States.

Think about people like George and Julie Kriehn, Bill Casey, George Gregory, and Martha Reynolds, who nurtured this idea and kept it going. And think about people like you who attend the Toot and keep it great. Happy Birthday to us all!

So this year we will celebrate 25 years of tooting. We'll look back and look forward, but mostly we'll celebrate the present. The party will be at Lakeview Conference Center, south of Palestine, TX on November 17, 18, and 19. To help us celebrate (not to mention learn), the revelers will lead the festivities:

  • Frances Blaker of San Francisco
  • Tom Zajac of Philadelphia
and these Texans, former Texans, and new Texans
  • Sara Funkhouser
  • Barry Sills
  • Susan Barton
  • Bruce Brogdon
  • Becky Baxter
  • Frank Shirley
  • Jan Jackson
  • Danny Johnson
  • James Brown
  • Bill and Eileen Rees

While we play old (or reproductions of old) instruments, we also keep up with improvements in communications. This year you may register online, by fax, or by regular mail. We are not yet equipped to take payments by credit card, so all fees must be paid by check. Changes at Lakeview are in the wind (the Children's Building will be rubble by the time we arrive!), so adjustments will be made in facilities. The Pat Thompson cabins will, however, still be a part of the Toot experience for many.

The hall mark of the Toot has always been the friendliness of the participants and the high quality of the faculty. We're expecting a large enrollment, so register soon!

Here's hoping you will come and join the celebration of the 25th annual Texas Toot!

General Schedule

  • Friday Evening: Large Group play-in, followed by dancing
  • Friday really late: Pick-up groups
  • Saturday during the day: Classes
  • Saturday Evening: Madrigal singing, Concert, dancing, Krumhorn Konclave
  • Saturday really late: Pick-up groups (or sleep, if you must)
  • Sunday Morning: Sacred Harp singing, Large Group

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