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About the Twenty-Seventh Annual Texas Toot

November 22 - 24, 2002

Texas Toot Time!

It's happened for 26 years and now it's time to get together and make it happen again! It's time to see old friends and make new friends and play recorders and lutes and harps. Pull out those viols and rebecs and krumhorns. Start warming up those vocal cords. It's time to realize those daydreams of trying out some new and interesting instruments, of polishing your skills on your favorites, and getting the hang of some motets and madrigals from the hazy past.

The 27th Annual Fall Texas Toot will be held at the Lakeview Conference Center, south of Palestine in northeast Texas, from Friday night, November 22 until the afternoon on Sunday the 24th. Most of the faculty from previous years will be returning: Frances Blaker, Dave Barton, Sara Funkhouser, Jan Jackson, and Frank Shirley will provide the bulk of the instruction on recorders; in addition, Sara Funkhouser will teach reed instruments like shawms and krumhorns, James Brown will lead the viol studies. Regulars Becky Baxter, Bruce Brogdon, and Danny Johnson will offer instruction on harp, lute, and voice, respectively.

New faculty will include people who have been regulars in other capacities. Dale Taylor (winds) and Therese Honey (harp) will be joining us as part-time faculty.

In addition to classes, there will be English country dancing, a faculty concert, the Boulder Early Music Shop, the famous/infamous Great Texas Krumhorn Konklave, refreshments, and more.

This year we'll be inaugurating new territory for the Toot as we'll use McCarty Auditorium as our home base, abandon the Pat Thompson cabins (yea!) in favor of the Windham cabins, and we'll be using the brand new dining facilities at Lakeview. Not only will you be able to take part in intensified classes and playing sessions, you'll be entertained and entertaining --- so be sure to get your reservations and deposits in as soon as possible.

While we play old (or reproductions of old) instruments, we also keep up with improvements in communications. You may register online, or by regular mail. However, we are not equipped to take payments by credit card, so all fees must be paid by check.

Please don't miss this Toot. It is a time to renew old friendships and make new ones. The best thing about the Toot is being able to spend a weekend with people who are all afflicted with the same form of mental illness - love of early music and the instruments that can best play it.

Volunteering to Help

Another long-standing Toot policy is that of volunteerism. If you can help with the snacks in the break-room (either by helping to set out the food or help with clean-up, etc.) then please let us know in advance and if you are able to provide some snacks (drinks are always welcome too) then please be in touch. After a rousing Krumhorn Konklave, there's nothing that cheers the soul better than a batch of home made brownies or chocolate-chip cookies! Be creative!

General Schedule

  • Friday Evening: Large Group play-in, followed by dancing
  • Friday really late: Pick-up groups
  • Saturday during the day: Classes
  • Saturday Evening: Madrigal singing, Concert, dancing, Krumhorn Konclave
  • Saturday really late: Pick-up groups (or sleep, if you must)
  • Sunday Morning: Large Group

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