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The Fall Toot Online!
Nov 20-22, 2020

Despite the pandemic, we are still here! And we hope you are staying safe and healthy in this most stressful of times. Although we couldn't hold the 2020 Summer Toot because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to pay our faculty a partial fee to make up for the devastating loss of all music income.

And the Texas Toot is still alive! Through the generous support of Amherst Early Music, we will present the first online Fall Toot, on our usual weekend-before-Thanksgiving: Nov 20-22.

Amherst has been offering online classes every weekend for most of the summer, and they are quite expert at delivering enjoyable, participative classes through Zoom. See what they have in store at their website. Take the opportunity to sign up for an Amherst weekend class even before the Toot, to get used to how Zoom works. Texas Toot registration will be opened (on the Amherst site) as soon as our classes are finalized.

Friday night (Nov 20) will be a convivial Zoom to meet and greet old friends. Bring your favorite beverage and get ready to smile and visit! Saturday and Sunday will each have 3 class periods, with a couple of choices during each period, and there will be a brief faculty concert on Sunday evening.

We'll be joined by many of our familiar and faithful faculty: Mary Springfels, Frances Blaker, Tish Berlin, Jennifer Carpenter, Peter Maund, Saskia Coolen. We also welcome (or welcome back) some newer faces: Annette Bauer, Sarah Mead, Christa Patton, Ros Morley, Pat Neely, Priscilla Herreid!

We're not sure what the coming year will bring, but we hope there will be joyous celebration of playing together in person once again! If not, then at least (necessity being the mother of invention) enterprising people have made great leaps in technology, letting us come virtually together to play the music we love.

For over forty years, we've been holding workshops and providing early music fun and learning for amateurs and aficionados alike! The Fall Toot is normally held at Lakeview Methodist Conference Center near Palestine, Texas.

Additional Contact Info

The Texas Toot
Daniel Johnson, Workshop Director
Susan Richter, Assistant Director

Feel free to write, call, or email us if you have questions or need further information.

Danny Johnson
Attn: Texas Toot
PO Box 4328
Austin TX 78765

Phone: (512) 578-8040

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