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35th Fall Toot - 2010

The Fall Toot 2010 is privileged to offer an outstanding faculty of both local and guest instructors for our participants. This section includes biographical information on each of the individuals or ensembles teaching at the Toot this year.

Faculty by Last Name: Faculty by Instrument:

Annette Bauer
Becky Baxter
Bruce Brogdon
Jennifer Carpenter
Carol Deihl
Valerie Horst
Daniel Johnson
Jane Leggiero
Susan Richter
Frank Shirley
Mary Springfels

Recorders: Reeds, Ensemble: Lute and Harp: Viols and other Bowed Strings: Voice and Ensemble:

Annette Bauer — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Fall 2010, Annette Bauer will teach:

North-South Across the Alps: music from Odhecaton (1501, Venice) The very first print of music - ever. Textless pieces in 3 or 4 parts, many in the late 15th century Franco-Flemish style popular in Northern Italy at the beginning of the century. For upper-intermediate to advanced recorders.

Telemann Concerto for 4 equal voices (all Altos. only advanced players, one on a part) arr. from violin concerto for 4 violins. Advanced alto recorder players; limited to 4.

Music from Medieval France. And Italy. Oh, and Spain, also. For intermediate and up vielles, harp, recorders, percussion, psaltery, and all the rest. Except shawms. No shawms.

Music theory crash course for the practical musician: Intervals. Chords. The circle of fifths. Explained and understood through playing actual music. All welcome.

"O magnum mysterium" : 3 settings of this text by Palestrina (SSAATB), Victoria (SATB), and Morales (SSAA) Intermediate and up

Jennifer Carpenter — Recorders (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Jennifer Carpenter will teach:

Trecento Trios : Italian secular music of the fourteenth century including madrigals, ballatas, and caccias by Paolo da Firenze, Niccolò da Perugia, Jacopo da Balogna and other trecento composers. Upper-intermediate to advanced recorders and viols.

Florentine Music from the time of Lorenzo de Medici : We will explore music from the fifteenth-century manuscript, B.R. 229, which contains wordless compositions likely compiled for instrumental use. Intermediate/upper-immediate recorders and viols.

Potluck Performances : Many of you have your favorite ensemble pieces that you want to hear performed. I will provide the 'meat' (one or two of my favorite pieces) and you can bring a 'side dish' (your favorite piece) for us to read through in this class (copies can be made on site). If you know the name/composer, but do not have the music, contact me beforehand ( and I will see if I can locate it. Open to everyone.

T'Andernakens! : Explore various polyphonic compositions based on the popular Flemish tune. Upper-intermediate to advanced recorders and viols.

Jennifer Carpenter Ensemble Fantasias : Freed from text, these pieces reflect the "musical imagination" of the composer. We will focus on sixteenth-century repertoire from Italy and England. Intermediate recorders and viols.

Valerie Horst — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Fall 2010, Valerie Horst will teach:

Guillaume Du Fay, Party Boy : convivial chansons of the 15th-c. master Intermediate and higher recorder players.

Outrageous chansons of the churchly Adrian Willaert Intermediate and higher recorder players.

Fast, fun Intro to Renaissance Notation: see what the fuss is about, decide if you like it! All welcome.

The Poinciana Rag by contemporary composer Laurie Alberts. Florida meets Scott Joplin Advanced recorder players.

Sunday Go-to-Meeting Music: Eric Haas's six-voice setting of Wondrous Love Intermediate to advanced recorder players.

Frank Shirley — Recorders (back to top)

This Fall, Frank Shirley will teach:

Music by J. S. Bach on Recorders : Intermediate and higher recorder players.

English Motets and Madrigals for Recorders : Intermediate and higher recorder players; singers welcome!

Music of William Byrd for Recorders : Intermediate and higher recorder players.

Sousa's "Washington Post March" and Other Fun Arrangements : Intermediate and higher recorder players.

Bruce Brogdon — Lute (back to top)

This Fall, Bruce Brogdon will be teaching:

Lute song class (team teaching with Danny Johnson). Intermediate and higher lutes and voices.

Early 17th continuo song and airs de cour (team teaching with Danny Johnson). Intermediate and higher lutes and voices.

Lute technique: for those wishing to try out renaissance or baroque lute. All welcome.

Early 17th c. plucked ensemble : can include harps and theorbos. Intermediate and higher plucked strings.

Treble/ground class for renaissance lute. Intermediate and higher Renaissance lute players.

Becky Baxter — Historical Harps (back to top)

This Fall, Becky Baxter will be teaching:

Cantigas For Harps and Instruments : a brief look at 13th century medieval songs from the Cantigas de Santa Maria compiled during the reign of Alfonso X and a discussion of accompaniment possibilities and arranging a version for instrumental solo. Intermediate to advanced harpists.

Arranging Harp Solos : How to reduce 3 and 4 part renaissance songs and dances into beautiful harp solos that fit any technical level of performing. This is a skill that develops with experience and practice over the lifetime of the musician. Intermediate to advanced harpists.

Beginning Harp : an introduction to playing harp from the performance practice perspective. Beginning to intermediate harpists.

Renaissance Fingering (and Damping) For Harp : A review of historical fingering on instruments that often have an overabundance of natural sustain. Learn to choose fingerings that allow for great articulation and expression while also keeping polyphonic lines clean and free of buzzes. Intermediate to advanced harpists.

How to Improvise a Medieval Prelude For Harp : A how to look at combining the practicality of tuning using musical ideas borrowed from the song or dance melody about to be performed. How to organize your ideas and come up with a pleasant musical introduction. Intermediate to advanced harpists.

Mary Springfels — Viola da gamba (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Fall 2010, Mary Springfels will teach:

Antoine Brumel : yet another Renaissance genius. Motets and chansons. Upper intermediate to advanced voices and instruments.

Before the Iron Curtain : the Central European Renaissance. Motets by Radom and others (maybe a little Ciconia for comparison) Upper intermediate voices and instruments.

A Tudor clockwork : Elizabethan instrumental music. Lower intermediate to intermediate viols, 6-part music.

Claude Lejeune : instrumental music, sacred and secular. Intermediate viols, 5-part music.

Medieval Instrumentals : 13th C French motets, a little not-too-hard Machaut, and an estampie. For vielles, harps, recorders, and the like! Intermediate.

Carol Deihl — Beginning Viols (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Carol Deihl will teach:

Beginning viols: fundamentals, for brand-new or beginning viol players. A few instruments will be available for loan. All welcome.

Beginning viols: session 2 of beginning viols. Different material. All welcome.

Jane Leggiero — Viols (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Jane Leggiero will teach:

Fiddle Band: Brade, etc, for strings. Intermediate to upper intermediate bowed strings (viols, violins, violas).

Music by Orlando Gibbons for 4-6 viols, intermediate. Intermediate viols, 4- to 6-part music.

Music by Byrd and Lawes, for viol ensemble. Lower intermediate to intermediate viols.

Susan Richter — Reeds, Ensemble (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Susan Richter will teach:

Recorders in Swing: playing arrangements of songs from Tin Pan Alley to 50's jazz, in the swing style. Intermediate to advanced recorder players.

Beginning shawms/dulcians: try out the open double reeds, for those with little or no experience. Some instruments will be available. All welcome.

Krummhorn ensemble. Intermediate and higher buzzy (krummhorn, kortholt and racket) players.

Daniel Johnson — Voice and Ensemble (back to top)

This Fall, Daniel Johnson will be teaching:

Lute song class (team teaching with Bruce Brogdon). Intermediate and higher lutes and voices.

Early 17th continuo song and airs de cour (team teaching with Bruce Brogdon). Intermediate and higher lutes and voices.

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