Photos! Summer 2005 Texas Toot
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Keith Womer instructing Nancy on the finer points of continuo and accompaniment.

Voices and Viols class:  Cayla, Susan, Marilyn, Ruth, Gerry, Dave.

Super bass section:  Lyda, Jeanne, Harald, Bill.

It"s the forest of recorders (and viols) at Lazar"s Early Music shop!

Carol and Kim at the Boulder Early Music shop!

Saskia Coolen directs the Recorder Orchestra in a Brandenburg Concerto; Cornell and Duane in the front.

Krummhorn Konklave on stage in the Peter Center -- Cornell, Stan, Daniel, Jonathan, Rhonda, Vicky.

Another Konklave picture:  Danny, Jan, Susan, Tom, Cornell, Stan

Jan Jackson teaching a class (and evidently having a good time!)

Harald, Gary, Margaret and Suzanne playing in a consort class.