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17th Summer Toot - 2015

The Summer Toot is privileged to offer an outstanding faculty of both local and guest instructors for our participants. This section includes biographical information for each of the individuals or ensembles teaching at the Toot this year. We also show the classes that each instructor will teach, with a brief description of the material and class level.

Faculty by Last Name: Faculty by Instrument:

Frances Blaker
Bruce Brogdon
Carol Deihl
Therese Honey
Scott Horton
Daniel Johnson
Brady Lanier
Peter Maund
Alison Melville
Mary Springfels
Susan Richter
Frank Shirley
... and more

Recorders: Reeds, Ensemble: Percussion: Viols and other Bowed Strings: Lute and Harp: Voice:

Frances Blaker — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Frances Blaker will teach:
Play Better! - Recorder technique in action. Technique is just a collection of 'best practices' for the motions needed to play the recorder - the best, most efficient, non-injuring, geared-to-You-and-your-body ways of moving and holding your instruments. Some of these motions/positions relate to just handling the recorder, while others effect the actual sound (blowing and tonguing). Learn how to better handle your instruments so that you can more freely express your inner music. Recorders, all levels
Dunstable, Frye and Taverner - Three giants of the English renaissance. John Dunstable's music had an enormous influence on continental composers, including Dufay. He was the originator of a new musical style dubbed the Contenance angloise which featured full triad harmony and the prominent use of the interval of the third. Walter Frye followed in this tradition. John Taverner was from the succeeding generation and a very influential composer in England. It is the tenor of one of his masses that was the basis for the ubiquitous instrumental In Nomines of the 16th century. Advanced recorders, viols, voices
Hank and Frank - or the Rose and the Fleur de lis. (So hot just now due to PBS Wolf Hall) Henry the VIII and Francis I (or François 1er), lifelong rivals, showed off their finest music at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Find out what they heard! Compositions by the likes of Mouton, Fayrfax, Cornysh and Sermisy. Recorders, int to upper int
Siesta: Sweet Madrigals: John Wilbye - We'll spend the afternoon with two beautiful madrigals by that master of the form in England, John Wilbye. Adieu Sweet Amaryllis, and Draw on, Sweet Night. Mixed instruments and voices, all levels

Alison Melville — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Alison Melville will teach:
French Chansons for three, four and five parts - music by Lassus, Sermisy, Jannequin, Crequillon, Manchicourt and others. Recorders plus. Recorders, int to advanced
Divisions on a Ground - Learn to make up your own! Through the playing of 17th-century examples, learning basic patterns, and letting your 'singing' instinct be your guide, you too can invent your own variations over a ground bass. No previous experience or harmony classes necessary. Recorders and other instruments, int to advanced
Master class on English Baroque - We'll do a survey of music (listed below) together; some may wish to learn a piece which they will play in the class during the week. There are many interesting aspects to this repertoire, including its cosmopolitan stylistic influences, unusual ornamentation practices, and questions of rhythm and tempo, so it's fun to explore. If anyone has any of this music already, they can prepare ahead of time.
  • Sonatas (or duets or trio sonatas) by: James/Jacques Paisible, Godfrey Finger, William Croft, William Topham, Daniel Purcell, John Baston, Robert Woodcock, G.F. Händel, Andrew Parcham, or other composers working in late 17th- and early 18th-century England;
  • Divisions from The Division Flute (1706/1708), or from other sources of the time;
  • Solo pieces from the tutors of the time, such as The Delightful Pocket Companion, A Vade Mecum, and others.
Recorders, int to advanced
Siesta: Early Polyphony from England and France: Dufay, Machaut, Dunstable, Mundy, Fayrfax. A mixture of sacred and secular music, mostly in 3 parts. Recorders and others, int to advanced)

Frank Shirley — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Frank Shirley will teach:
Juicy Josquin - Music of Josquin and his Franco-Flemish contemporaries, featuring Josquin's monumental quintet "La Spagne." Recorders, intermediate and up
Fun Arrangements for Recorders - Kick back and relax at the end of the day with some music to play just for fun -- Ragtime, Light Classical Works, and maybe a Sousa march or two. Recorders, intermediate and up
Music by William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons and Henry Purcell - These three British masters of the polyphonic fantasia also composed beautiful sacred choral works. We will investigate works in both genres of all three of these composers. Recorders, upper int to advanced
Siesta: Music of Claude Le Jeune, especially his foray into Music Measuree ("measured music") Viols and recorders, low int and up

Susan Richter — Recorders (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Susan Richter will teach:
Loud band! Renaissance polyphony for winds. Need at least 3 students to make the class. Shawms, dulcians, sackbuts, cornetti; all except beginning level welcome.
Recorder music by (recently) living composers: survey course of music by Glen Shannon, Will Ayton, and other recent composers, music from the ARS Members' Library, etc. For people who want to play a lot and see more contemporary music (not necessarily "modern"). Recorders, all levels but beginning.

Peter Maund — Percussion (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Peter Maund will teach:
Beat Generation: An introduction to playing hand drums and other percussion instruments. We'll learn basic playing techniques for percussion instruments commonly used in early and world music traditions. We'll explore rhythms, improvise pieces and accompany music from all over the world. Some instruments will be provided but if possible, please bring a hand drum (frame drum, doumbek) and/or tambourine. No experience necessary -- all levels welcome.
Danse Royal - Medieval Dance Music from France and England (with an occasional side trip to Italy). We’ll explore the lively and lovely repertoire of 14th century instrumental dance music. Most of the music is monophonic, allowing us to create accompaniments, percussion parts and varied instrumentations. All levels of percussion welcome; melody players, high intermediate and up.
Beat Generation II: Open to experienced percussionists who have taken Beat Generation or are familiar with Middle Eastern hand drumming techniques (i.e., doum, tek, ka, slap, and rolls). We will focus on advanced techniques for doumbek, riqq and frame drums; exercises to improve our time, accuracy and fluency; individual and ensemble improvisations; play pieces for percussion ensemble and create accompaniments for medieval, renaissance and world music. Int to upper int percussionists, subject to instructor approval.
Siesta: High Flutin' Drums - We'll start with an introduction to playing techniques for hand drums. We'll explore rhythms, improvise, and create a piece for percussion ensemble. Then we'll add melody instruments and play percussion-friendly early music and traditional songs and dances from around the world. All welcome!

Mary Springfels — Viola da gamba (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Mary Springfels will teach:
Rose et Lis - Sacred and secular music by the incomparable Guillaume de Machaut. Not the hardest stuff, just the prettiest Viols, upper int
Marais without tears - A survey of French ornamental language and bowing techniques. Players will work on the First Suite in a minor from his Third Book of Pieces for Viol. Less advanced gambists can work on the very rewarding continuo parts. The music is available on IMSLP. Viols, int to advanced
Wars of the Roses - Music from period of the Yorkist/Lancastrian conflict, 1480-1510. Composers will include Walter Frye, Richard Davy, John Browne, William Cornysh. Singers and instruments, int to upper int
Siesta: Zacharias the trickster: music from the Cathedral of Milan by the oddest of late medieval composers, Zacharias de Teramo. It is thought that he was a redheaded dwarf much given to practical joking. Open to all

Brady Lanier — Viols (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Brady Lanier will teach:
Franco-Flemish Chanson - The French formes fixes (rondeau, ballade and virelai) were wildly popular for over 150 years (1350- c. 1525). This class will explore the complex polyphony of this sound world (exploring a variety of textures) and how it evolved from the time of Machaut through Dufay and Josquin to Compère and Agricola. Int to advanced singers, plucks, viols, winds
Lamentations of Jeremiah - Polyphonic settings of the book of Lamentations became a popular genre in the Renaissance and served an important liturgical role during Holy Week. We will explore several of these masterpieces by Tallis, Agricola, Crequillon, Arcadelt, Tinctoris, and others. Int to advanced singers, viols, plucks, winds
Consort anthems & songs - A particularly English genre popular in the late 16th century specifically written for voices & viols. Some of the finest polyphony ever written by Byrd, Gibbons, Wilbye & Weelkes. Int to advanced voices & viols
Siesta: Beatles!!!! Blackbird, She Loves You, Yesterday, Eight Days A Week, etc. (although some of the parts are un-texted, I can provide lyrics :-) ). Custom arrangements by Brady Lanier specially adapted for early music instruments All levels & instruments welcome

Carol Deihl — Viols (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Carol Deihl will teach:
Beginning Viol: Learn to play the viola da gamba from the very beginning, hone your skills if you've already begun, try a new size or clef, or bring your questions and problems. Attend all week, or just drop in. Some viols will be available for loan; please email to inquire. All welcome!
Songs of Mellancholie - Dowland's trademark sad music. Also songs from The First Book of Songs. Intermediate and up: viols, singers, recorders, lutes, etc.
Heav'nly Holborne - From Infernum to Paradiso, and all the earth in between. Some of the famous 5-part Holborne pieces. Intermediate and up: viols, recorders.

Bruce Brogdon — Lute (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Bruce Brogdon will teach:
Harp and lute ensemble - French and English partsongs and dances All lutes and harps
Renaissance lute ensemble - French and English dances All lutes except beginners
Lute song class (with Danny Johnson) - English song and Airs de cour Lutenists may audit and might play as well. (Vocalists, intermediate to advanced.)
Lute technique - beginning technique for newbies / technique class for the more experienced All lutes

Scott Horton — Lute (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Scott Horton will teach:
Baroque continuo class: Open to all chordal instrument players–harps, lutes, keyboards–focusing on early 17th century repertory. All chordal players, intermediate and higher.
Continuo Song: Focusing on 17th and 18th century vocal music in conjunction with Jenifer Thyssen’s vocal class. Chordal players of moderate and higher ability.
Baroque lute: Masterclass setting for solo repertory and some ensemble playing. Intended for any lutenist having a lute from the baroque period. Also open to those wishing to learn baroque lute. Lutenists, with permission of instructor.

Therese Honey — Early Harps (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Therese Honey will teach:
Beginning harp: learn the basics of holding the instrument, posture/hand position, producing a nice pluck. Some instruments may be available; contact with questions. All welcome.
Dance music from Michael Praetorius' "Terpsichore". We will play through several 4 part dances and arrange the music for harp duo or solo. All harps.
Playford's "English Country Dances": we will learn a new tune by ear every day. Music will be provided at the end of the week. All instruments welcome!
Siesta: your first harp lesson! Open to all.

Daniel Johnson — Voice and Ensemble (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Danny Johnson will teach:
Lute song class (with Bruce Brogdon) - English song and Airs de cour. Vocalists, intermediate to advanced.

Jenifer Thyssen — Voice (back to top)

At the Texas Toot Summer 2015, Jenifer Thyssen will teach:
Continuo song class (with Scott Horton) - Focusing on 17th and 18th century vocal music. Vocalists, intermediate to advanced.

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