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Class Descriptions and Schedule
for the 13th Summer Texas Toot

June 5 – 11, 2011


Tell Us Which Classes You Want! This online form contains the complete class schedule. Tell us which ones you are most interested in each period, and we will do our best to accommodate you! (To see details about all the classes in a separate window or tab, click here.) Of course, you must be registered for the Toot for us to pay any attention to your choices at all...

The regular classes offered are taught Monday - Friday: two class periods in the morning, and three periods in the afternoon (see an overview of the week's schedule for mealtimes, check-in and check-out, etc). There are also nightly activities such as madrigal singing, an ice cream social, and the Great Krummhorn Konklave, as well as a faculty concert.

Overview of the Week
2:00 pm — on campus check-in begins
7:30 pm — Orientation, followed by large-group playing
Monday through Friday (note breaks between class times)
Breakfast (7:30-8:30 am)
Period 1 classes (8:50-10:10 am)
Period 2 classes (10:40-12 noon)
Lunch break (12 noon-1:00 pm)
Period 3 (1:00-2:15 pm) - siesta, special classes, lesson/coaching, practice, group playing opportunities
Period 4 classes (2:30-3:45 pm)
Period 5 classes (4:00-5:15 pm)
Dinner (5:30-6:30 pm)
Nightly Event (generally starting at 7:30 pm)
Breakfast, then Free time
10:00 am — 12 noon, Student Concert
Check out by 2:00 pm, and start planning to come to the Fall Toot!

Nightly Activities
Toot attendees onlyOpen to the public: tickets $12, $10 seniors/students, $5 under age 15.
Black Box Theater, Building B-230, at Concordia UniversityOpen to the public: free of chargeEveryone!Open to the public: tickets $12, $10 seniors/students, $5 under age 15.
Black Box Theater, Building B-230, at Concordia University
Monday evening Reading session / group playing.
Tuesday evening, 7:30pm Pre-concert lecture by Sara Hessel of KMFA: "Heart, mind, body, soul: songs of love and other matters from Germany and the Netherlands"
Faculty concert #1: "Secret Pleasures, Guilty Treasures" Subtle, intimate, & favorite music for soloists from Germany, England, and the Netherlands.
Followed by Ice Cream Social: ice cream from Amy's! ($1 a trip)
Wednesday evening The Great (or Infamous) Krummhorn Konklave.
Thursday evening Free night.
Friday evening, 7:30pm Faculty Concert #2: "Bistro of the Toot"
Virtuosic, passionate music by the masters of the Renaissance and Baroque for recorders, viols, lutes, harp, voice, and more, performed by The Texas Toot Faculty.

Class Preferences

Please indicate your first and second choice for each class period. (To see details about all the classes in a separate window or tab, click here.) The buttons in the first column indicate "first choice" for that period, and the second column is your second choice (if any) for that period.

We need you to fill in your name and email, so we can match your choices to your registration. If you don't have these filled in, the form will complain, and when you come back all your class choice buttons will be cleared. (Sorry! but this is your warning...)

When you are done, press the button called "Send Class Preferences" to submit them to us.

If you have not registered for the Toot yet, please send in your registration before sending class preferences!

Email address:   
First Period (8:50 - 10:10am) class choices
1st 2nd  
Jennifer Carpenter - Tenorlieder Intermediate recorders
Saskia Coolen - English consort music Intermediate — advanced recorders
Tom Zajac - New music from the court of Henry VIII Intermediate & up recorders, viols, plucked strings, singers, other soft winds
Jane Leggiero - Das Glogauer Liederbuch for viols Intermediate viols
Becky Baxter - Daily Warm-ups/Technical Drills For Harp All levels, harps
Bruce Brogdon - Renaissance lute technique All levels
Second Period (10:40 - 12 noon) class choices
1st 2nd  
Frank Shirley - Dance Music of English and German Masters Intermediate — advanced recorders
Annette Bauer - Das Glogauer Liederbuch Upper intermediate recorders and viols
Jennifer Carpenter - Humorous motets and chansons of Lassus Intermediate — upper intermediate recorders and viols
Tom Zajac - Music for the Stadtpfeiffer Intermediate & up shawms, dulcians, sackbuts, cornetti
Jane Leggiero - Technique class for viols (Simpson) Intermediate viols
Mary Springfels - Ludwig Senfl, pioneer northern humanist Intermediate — upper intermediate viols
Danny Johnson - Individual vocal coaching by arrangement Singers, Intermediate — Advanced
Bruce Brogdon - Lute, harp and viol ensemble Lutes, harps, viols, all levels

Please note: for the third period (1:00-2:15pm), you should choose either from the "every day" choices, or from the "Siesta" choices. Each Siesta class meets only one or two days of the week, and you are allowed up to four choices. If you submit choices for both every-day and Siesta classes, we will place you in one or the other (you can always change on the first day of the Toot).
Third Period (1:00 - 2:15pm every day) class choices
1st 2nd  
Carol Deihl - Beginning viol All welcome; some instruments may be available.
Danny Johnson & Bruce Brogdon - Renaissance song class Singers and lutes, intermediate & up
Frank Shirley - German Masters of Counterpoint Upper intermediate — advanced recorders
Scott Horton - Basso Continuo on fretted instruments of the Baroque Entrance on permission of the instructor.
Third Period (1:00 - 2:15pm "Siesta") class choices
1st 2nd 3rd 4th  
(Wed & Thu) Saskia Coolen - Siesta: how to make van Eyck variations All recorders
(Mon & Thu) Jennifer Carpenter - Siesta: Potluck Performances Open to everyone.
(Tu & Fri) Annette Bauer - Siesta: A session of Gregorian chant For all, instrumentalists and singers alike - but we will sing.
(Tu & Wed) Mary Springfels - Siesta: Who was Johann Schop? Upper intermediate to Advanced viols.
(Thu only) Becky Baxter - Siesta: Celtic Airs for Harps All harps
(Mon & Fri) Keith Womer - Siesta: Keyboard temperaments All levels
Fourth Period (2:30 - 3:45pm) class choices
1st 2nd  
Annette Bauer - Early notation 101 All levels, all welcome
Saskia Coolen - T'andernaken class Upper intermediate — advanced recorders
Jennifer Carpenter - The Golden Age of the Dukes of Burgundy Intermediate — upper intermediate recorders and viols
Susan Richter - Krummhorn ensemble Intermediate & up capped reed players; some instruments available.
Mary Springfels - T'andernaken Advanced viols
Becky Baxter - Improvising a Medieval Prelude All harps
Danny Johnson & Scott Horton - Continuo song class Singers, intermediate — advanced
Keith Womer - Harpsichord technique class All levels
Fifth Period (4:00 - 5:15pm) class choices
1st 2nd  
Annette Bauer - Medieval Music from England Intermediate — upper intermediate recorders and viols
Saskia Coolen - Masterclass on Dutch Baroque repertoire Advanced recorders
Tom Zajac - Josquin's Contemporaries Intermediate & up recorders, viols, plucked strings, singers, other soft winds
Frank Shirley - Overture to the Barber of Seville and Other Fun Arrangements All recorders
Mary Springfels - The King's Men go on the Road Intermediate — upper intermediate violins, viols, recorders
Scott Horton - Baroque lute technique and repertory All levels; entrance on permission of the instructor.
Becky Baxter - English Renaissance Music for Harp All harps

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