Héloïse Degrugillier — Recorders (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Héloïse Degrugillier will teach:

Anything but Baroque Here's a little jazz, folk, and modern repertoire. Let's get out of the ordinary! Recorder ensemble for intermediate and higher levels.
Technique class If you have any questions about recorder playing, now is the time to ask! Recorders, all levels!
16th century Italian music: We will use this rep as our basis to learn how to really play together; listen, and respond to each other. Or even ignore each other if we have to! Recorder ensemble, upper intermediate and higher levels
Musique française Shall we talk about this inégal that has been bothering you? Or those tiny ornaments? Let's take care of this little problem! Recorders, advanced!
Not so proper English harmonies Brade, Byrd, Gibbons. Cross-relations and dissonances are abundant! Yay! Recorder ensemble for upper intermediate and higher levels.

Rosamund Morley — Viols (back to top)

At this year's Fall Toot, Ros Morley will teach:

Wild William #1 the 5 part viol fantasies of William Lawes Upper intermediate and advanced viols, and need 2 trebles 
Wild William #2 the 5 part fantasies of William Cranford Upper intermediate and advanced viols, and need 2 trebles  
Capilla Flamenca Crequillon and Gombert at the Spanish Royal Chapel Viols and recorders, intermediate and up
Playing with the Cantus Firmus a look at some of the interesting ways that composers in the 16th century used plainchant Viols and recorders, intermediate and up 
Browning, my dear settings by William Byrd and Thomas Ravenscroft Viols, intermediate and up

Therese Honey — Historical Harps (back to top)

This Fall, Therese Honey will be teaching:

Harp maintenance How to replace broken strings, set brays, discuss other maintenance issues. Probably a Friday night class! All harps
Beginning harp class Your first harp lesson: how to choose a harp to purchase, how to hold the small historical harps, tuning, hand position, etc. there will be some harps available to play. Beginning harp; open to all
Scott Joplin for harp ensemble Just what it sounds like All harps
Harp back-up rhythm section Playing accompaniment for Renaissance dance music. All harps; a few melody players are welcome to help out.
Playford by ear Learn 2 Playford tunes by ear, plus a simple accompaniment. Music will be handed out at the end of class. All instruments welcome.

Frances Blaker — Recorders, Ensemble (back to top)

This Fall, Frances Blaker will be teaching:

Going BaroqueBaroque from the beginning for recorder players. We’ll play pieces from the early to the late Baroque period. Learn about changing styles.For recorders and viols, Intermediate and up
Looking Across the ChannelDufay and his English Contemporaries. Offered in two sections. For recorders: Sess 1 for LoInt to UpInt, Sess 2 for Up Int to Advanced.
Monteverdi and Gesualdomusic by two geniuses from the clash between the evening of the renaissance and the dawn of the baroque.Recorders, viols, singers, intermediate and up
Canciones and Motets Music from Spain and the New WorldInstruments and voices, intermediate and up.

Bruce Brogdon — Lute (back to top)

This Fall, Bruce Brogdon will be teaching:

Lute and harp ensemble All the pluckies together Harps and lutes, all levels.
Lute ensemble You know who you are. Lutes, all levels
Lute song class Mostly English! Renaissance. Team-taught with Danny Johnson. Lutes and singers, intermediate and up
Continuo song class Mostly not-English. Early Baroque, please! Team-taught with Danny Johnson. Lutes and singers, imtermediate and up
Beginning lute C’mon, try out a lute! Open to all

Susan Richter — Recorders (back to top)

This Fall, Susan Richter will teach:

Machaut magic   Recorders, intermediate & up
Baroque duets   Recorders, Intermediate

Frank Shirley — Recorders (back to top)

This Fall, Frank Shirley will teach:

Motets by Thomas Tallis on Recorders Tallis composed music for the Catholic Church and for the Anglican Church, and we will play motets from both, including "If ye love me" and "Lamentation of Jeremiah." Intermediate to Advanced Recorders
The Canzona of 16th Century Italy We will indulge in canzonas by Gioseffo Guami and Giovanni Priuli. Intermediate to Advanced Recorders
Fun Arrangements for Recorders Kick back and relax at the end of the day with some music to play just for fun -- Ragtime, Light Classical Works, and maybe a Sousa march or two Intermediate Recorders and Above
Sacred and Secular Music of Josquin Featuring his instrumental monument "La Spagna" Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Recorders
Buxtehude and Bach on Recorders Missa Brevis by Dietrich Buxtehude, one of J S Bach's favorite composers, followed by fugues of Bach. Intermediate to Advanced Recorders

Carol Deihl — Beginning Viols (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Carol Deihl will teach:

Beginning Viol Session 1 Open to all
Beginning Viol Session 2 Open to those who were in Session 1, or who already play a bit on the viol.
The Venerable Tallis Psalter Tunes In honor of the Tallis veneration on November 21 (Friday of the Fall Toot, this year!), we'll explore Tallis' Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter, one of which is the basis for Ralph Vaughan Williams' famous "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis". Open to all, except louds, intermediate and up; especially suitable for viols and voice.

Jane Leggiero — Viols (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Jane Leggiero will teach:

Emotional Meltdown It's hard being human.  Happiness, pain, love, loss, anger, regret...it's no wonder we burst into song sometimes.  We'll take a tour through a tiny part of the staggering range of the human experience through works by Marenzio, Morley, Tomkins, and Willaert.  Buckle your seat belts, it's quite a ride!  (Kleenex and chocolate will be provided upon request) Open to all
Music for an Apocalypse From the Book of Revelations to The Walking Dead, we've been obsessed with the end of the world as we know it for a long time.  Come explore music of destruction, war, change, and hope.  Featuring Brumel, Bach, Tallis, and Machaut, all of whom you know you would want watching your back when the chips are down.  (K-rations and horsemen not included) Open to all
Golden Oldies They're classics for a reason.  You know you love them.  Don't resist!  Come lose yourself in the beauty of consorts by Ward, Byrd, and Tomkins Viols only, minimum 4 students
Dance the Night Away Come to dance band and shake your groove thang!  Music of Phalese, Attaingnant, Brade, and Schein. Open to all
The Sincerest Form of Flattery We'll get into Heinrich Isaac's fascinating Missa Quant j'ay au cueur, including the chanson on which it's based.  We'll investigate the ways Isaac borrows the material from Busnoys' chanson in this, one of his more popular masses.  The Benedictus in particular finds its way across Europe in texted and untexted forms, so if you haven't run across it already, it's about time! Open to all

Al Cofrin — Reeds, Ensemble (back to top)

At the Toot this Fall, Al Cofrin will teach:

Modal Improvisation, pt 1 Free Form. This class will explore the 8 "church" modes that were the backbone of pre 15th c. music and how to utilize these "scales" into improvisational tunes that do not require any music to perform. Open to all
Modal Improvisation, pt 2 Rhythmic. This class is a continuation of Modal Improvisation, part 1, wherein the students will utilize their newfound skills to create short melodies applied to a meter. Open to all
Medieval instrumentalist The illiterate virtuoso (ear training games). This is the final chapter of Improvisation classes that will challenge the students to apply their melodic-on-the-spot creations by playing musical games with the entire class. The games include: The Ever Changing Rumor, The Estampie, The Chase, and Point/counterpoint (theorized medieval music drinking games) Open to all
Exploring the Llibre Vermell manuscript Delightful, spiritual, catchy tunes. Monophonic and duet songs. The class will address 3 tunes from this work All instruments and singers
Buzzies Class A serious look at the krumhorn applied to quartet arrangements with attention to intonation and phrasing. Open to those with moderate krummhorn experience

Daniel Johnson — Voice and Ensemble (back to top)

This Fall, Daniel Johnson will be teaching:

Lute song class Mostly English! Renaissance. Team-taught with Bruce Brogdon. Lutes and singers, intermediate and up
Continuo song class Mostly not-English. Early Baroque, please! Team-taught with Bruce Brogdon. Lutes and singers, imtermediate and up