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Class Descriptions and Schedule
for the 8th Summer Texas Toot

May 28 - June 3, 2006


Tell Us Which Classes You Want! This online form contains the complete set of class offerings. Tell us which ones you are most interested in, so we can best arrange the schedule.

The regular classes offered are taught Monday - Friday: two class periods in the morning, and three periods in the afternoon (see an overview of the week's schedule for mealtimes, check-in and check-out, etc). There are also nightly activities such as madrigal singing, an ice cream social, and the Great Krummhorn Konklave, as well as a faculty concert.

This year there also will be a commedia dell' arte theatre project for singers and instrumentalists, offered as a daily session culminating in a performance at the end of the week.

Overview of the Week
Sunday, May 28
2:00 pm — on campus check-in begins
7:30 pm — Orientation, followed by large-group playing
Monday through Friday (note breaks between class times)
Breakfast (7:30-8:30 am, Texas Hall)
Period 1 classes (8:50-10:10 am)
Period 2 classes (10:40-12 noon)
Lunch break (12 noon-1:00 pm)
Period 3 (1:00-2:15 pm) - siesta, special classes, lesson/coaching, practice, group playing opportunities
Period 4 classes (2:30-3:45 pm)
Period 5 classes (4:00-5:15 pm)
Dinner (5:30-6:30 pm, Texas Hall)
Nightly Event (generally starting at 7:30 pm)
Saturday, June 3
Breakfast, then Free time
10:00 am — 12 noon, Student Concert
Check out by 2:00 pm, and start planning to come to the Fall Toot!

Class Preferences

To help us arrange the class schedule most effectively, please indicate up to 6 class choices below. Enter a number in the box by each class you are interested in (1 = most interested, down through 6). When you are done, press the button called "Send Class Preferences" to submit them to us.

If you have not registered for the Toot yet, please send in your registration before sending class preferences!

(No, this will not register you again. Yes, if there are "ties" you may fill in more than 6 boxes. No, these choices are neither guaranteed by us, nor binding on you. Void where prohibited by law.)

Remember to fill in your name, too!


Flanders Recorder Quartet — Recorders

At the Texas Toot Summer 2006, Bart Spanhove will be teaching
The art of ensemble playing, according to Bart's book, "The Finishing Touch of Ensemble Playing"; recorders, all levels.
20th century repertoire class: Geysen, repetitive music, solo works, duo, trio; for intermediate to advanced recorders
Recorder Consort: The music of Dowland and Holborne; for intermediate to advanced recorders

This Summer, Han Tol will be teaching
"Fantasy" according to Telemann: the Telemann Fantasies newly approached, for advanced recorder players
Recorder choir: for all recorders
Master Class: Italian and English style for advanced recorder soloists

At the Texas Toot Summer 2006, Joris van Goethem will be teaching
Mixed ensemble for recorders, reeds, viols; for intermediate level
Advanced Consort: Italian repertoire for recorders
Masterclass: Baroque duets; for advanced recorder players

At the Texas Toot Summer 2006, Paul van Loey will be teaching
Practicing the recorder: specific techniques for warming up and improving use of tongue and fingers, breathing/tone, playing in tune, sight reading, analysis, ways to drill difficult passages, playing "slow" movements/pieces, best use of your metronome, practicing without the recorder. For intermediate players down through actually-having-started-a-bit.
Advanced Recorder Consort: English repertoire (Renaissance/Early Baroque)
20th century repertoire class: for upper-intermediate to advanced recorder players

Rosamund Morley — Viols

At the Texas Toot Summer 2006, Ros Morley will teach
Slow dancing: Dance music in 5 and 6 parts: intermediate viols — doubling
The year 1588: in England and Italy: intermediate viols — 1 per part
Everyone's favorites: Byrd, Jenkins and Lawes: high intermediate and advanced viols — 1 per part
Sounds from the Piazza: Music of Venice: high intermediate and advanced viols — 1 per part

Karen Burciaga — Violin

At this Summer's Toot, Karen Burciaga will be leading
Fiddle band: for violins, violas, viols; intermediate and up

Tom Zajac — Reeds and Brass

At the Texas Toot Summer 2006, Tom Zajac will teach
Thomas' English House Party: A pleasing collection of phansies, roundelais, freemen's songs, drinking songs, love ditties and miscellany from the three extremely popular collections of Thomas Ravenscroft: Pammelia, Deuteromalia and Melismata. For any and all voices and instruments.
Music from the Court of Ercole I of Ferrara: Music from the dawn of the Renaissance, from the court of the great late-15th-Century patron of music. Will include music of, among others, Josquin, Isaac and Obrecht. For upper intermediate singers, viols, recorders, harps, lutes.
The Italian-English Connection: Music by English composers who worked in Italy, and Italian composers who worked in England. For upper intermediate singers, viols, recorders, pluckies
Italian and English loud band: shawms, sackbuts, cornetti; intermediate to advanced

Becky Baxter — Early Harps

At the Texas Toot Summer 2006, Becky Baxter will be teaching
Harp technique and warm-ups: for all levels
Monteverdi for harps: spreading chords and improvisation in the early Italian Baroque; for all levels
Italian dance music: arranging (intabulating for harp) and part playing in the Italian renaissance; for all levels
Medieval English Song Accompaniment for harps; for all levels

Bruce Brogdon — Lute

At this Summer's Toot, Bruce Brogdon will offer
Lute technique for all levels
Italian dances for lute ensemble; all levels except beginner.
English and Italian lute song masterclass: (with Amy Brumley) Renaissance and Baroque repertoire with lute or theorbo accompaniment; singers will bring pieces to work on, which lutenists will learn. Intermediate to advanced players.

James Brown — Viols

This Summer, James Brown will be teaching
Mostly Monteverdi: 5-part viol music; intermediate and up — doubling
Gibbons: 5-part music: intermediate viols — doubling, with surprise guest vocalists
Purcell: 5- and 6-part music: high intermediate and advanced viols — 1 per part, instructor plays when 6 parts

Keith Womer — Harpsichord

This summer, Keith Womer will be teaching
Harpsichord 101: an introduction to the harpsichord: its history, its construction, how to make sound on the instrument, ornamentation, fingering, and literature. Students are encouraged to bring 2-3 pieces, even very simple ones. Please contact instructor for suggestions.
The Baroque Duet: (with Amy Brumley) Vocal duets by Monteverdi, Purcell, etc. with keyboard accompaniment (nothing to prepare in advance).
Master classes: harpsichord students will also be working with vocal and instrumental master classes and receive coaching on accompaniment.

Daniel Johnson — Voice and Ensemble

This summer, Daniel Johnson will be teaching
English and Italian Madrigals, for 2-5 voices, intermediate level. All are welcome to this relaxing and fun class.

Amy Brumley — Voice and Theater

This summer, Amy Brumley will be teaching
English and Italian lute song masterclass: (with Bruce Brogdon) Songs of Dowland, Campion, Monteverdi, Caccini etc., with lute tablature or basso continuo accompaniment. Singers should prepare at least two pieces and bring several copies.
The Baroque Duet: (with Keith Womer) Vocal duets by Monteverdi, Purcell, etc. with keyboard accompaniment (nothing to prepare in advance).
"The Faithful Pilgrim Lover", fully staged and costumed Commedia dell'Arte theater project with Baroque Band and Continuo; directed by Amy and Jonathan Brumley.

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