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Class Descriptions and Schedule
for the 5th Summer Texas Toot

June 1 - 7, 2003

Classes will be held Monday - Friday, two classes in the morning, and three classes in the afternoon. Saturday morning will have "after-glow" classes (9:30 a.m. till 11:30 a.m.) - schedule to be announced. Additional details, including your class assignments, campus maps, etc., will be included in your registration packet.

Please note that The Texas Toot reserves the right to substitute faculty or to change classes or scheduling due to extenuating circumstances.

Please enter 1st and 2nd choices for each class period by entering a 1 or a 2 in the corresponding box. Remember to fill in your name, too!


Period 1 (9:00-10:20 am)

1.1 General Technique Class for All Recorder Players
Monday: Saskia Coolen and Frances Blaker
Tuesday and Thursday: Frances Blaker
Wednesday and Friday: Saskia Coolen

1.2 Recorder Consort: The England-Continental Connection
Instructor: Tom Zajac
English composers who worked in Europe, and French, Dutch, Italian, etc. composers who got gigs on the British Isles (mostly 16th century)

1.3 Intermediate/Advanced Viol Consort
Instructor: Martha Bishop
Dowland Lachrymaes for one treble, at least one tenor, with the three lower parts reserved for basses.

1.4 Mixed Consort
Instructor: Becky Baxter
Arranging Playford tunes for solo or with a friend. All voices and instruments welcome.

1.5 Lute Technique
Instructor: Bruce Brogdon
Open to beginners as well as novice and intermediate players

1.6 Making & maintenance of double reeds
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser
Primarily for shawms and krummhorns

Break (10:20-10:40 am)

Period 2 (10:40-11:55 am)

2.1 20th Century recorder ensemble
Instructor: Saskia Coolen

2.2 Masterclass on divisions and other virtuosic Renaissance music
Instructor: Frances Blaker

2.3 Baroque Duet Masterclass
Instructor: Jan Jackson
For intermediate level recorder

2.4 Recorder Consort
Instructor: Frank Shirley
The music of Dowland and Holborne

2.5 Reed Consort
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser
Playing of capped reed instruments, mostly krummhorns and cornemusen

2.6 English Consort Songs
Instructors: James Brown and Kathlene Ritch Brown
Advanced intermediate level ensemble coaching open to voices, viols, and lutes. Consort groupings to be determined and repertoire mailed to students for advance preparation, so sign up early.

2.7 "Verrie Easie Music with Viol Friends"
Instructor: Martha Bishop
For all levels

2.8 Intermediate Harp
Instructor: Becky Baxter

Lunch (12:00 noon - 1:20 pm)

Period 3 (1:20-2:40 pm)

3.1 Recorder Consort
Instructor: Saskia Coolen
Six and seven part music, Parsons, etc. calling for lots of lower recorders.

3.2 Recorder Techique for all levels
Instructor: Frances Blaker
Based on her technique book

3.3 Beginning Recorder
Instructor: Jan Jackson
For people who already read music

3.4 Recorder Consort
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser
The music of Sweelinck and Jacques Buus for intermediate and advanced recorder players

3.5 Technique/repertoire for shawms and bagpipes
Instructor: Tom Zajac

3.6 The ever-popular Violin band consort
Instructor: Laurie Young Stevens

3.7 Gems of the English consort repertoire - Viols only
Instructor: James Brown
Advanced beginner - lower intermediate viol consort. Doubling allowed. Emphasis on improving ensemble skills and individual technique.

3.8 17th century English song
Instructors: Daniel Johnson and Bruce Brogdon
Lute song, songs from masques, and continuo song -- Lanier to Purcell -- in a masterclass format

3.9 Drumming your way to better musicianship
Instructor: Peggy Sexton
Help with rhythm and improvisation, starting with percussion instruments only and gradually adding other instruments throughout the week.

Break (2:40-3:00 pm)

Period 4 (3:00-4:20 pm)

4.1 Masterclass
Instructor: Saskia Coolen
Focusing on early English music and Dutch music (16th - 18th centuries)

4.2 Renaissance Recorders Consort
Instructor: Frances Blaker
High intermediate to advanced recorder players who have and can play Renaissance recorders

4.3 Practicing the Recorder
Instructor: Jan Jackson
Specific techniques for warming up and improving use of tongue and fingers, breathing/tone, playing in tune, sight reading, analysis, ways to drill difficult passages, playing "slow" movements/pieces, best use of your metronome, practicing without the recorder. For intermediate players down through actually-having-started-a-bit.

4.4 Medieval dance survey
Instructor: Tom Zajac
With a make-your-own estampie workshop as part of it

4.5 Advanced Viol Consort
Instructor: Martha Bishop
Brownings: Belwin, Bevin, Byrd, Baldwyn, Bishop

4.6 "Doable Divisions" for viols
Instructor: James Brown
A sampling of some of the more approachable divisions by Simpson, Finger, and others. Help with various techniques required to successfully perform these important gems of the viol literature. Some repertoire to be amiled in advance - sign up early.

4.7 Baroque Technique
Instructor: Laurie Young Stevens
For intermediate and advanced violinists

4.8 Beginning Harp
Instructor: Becky Baxter

4.9 English lute song / part song class
Instructors: Daniel Johnson and Bruce Brogdon
For soloists and small ensembles

Period 5 (4:30-5:15 pm)

Special Classes presented by various faculty

Registration is closed for this event

Evening Events

Sunday 7:30 pm Orientation meeting followed by Group Playing Sessions, teachers TBA
Monday 7:30 pm Lecture-Demo on Music from the Lowlands and British Isles, 1500-1700; Dr. Frank Candelaria, musicologist, UT-Austin; with examples performed by Faculty and Guests; followed by ice cream social
Tuesday 7:00 pm Pre-Concert Madrigal Singing, directed by Frank Shirley
  7:30 pm Solo lute concert by Hector Sequera. Followed by Group Playing Sessions
Wednesday 7:30 pm The Great Texas Krummhorn Konklave, led by Tom Zajac, site TBA
Thursday 7:00 pm Pre-Concert Madrigal Singing, directed by Frank Shirley
  7:30 pm Faculty concert, followed by Group Playing Sessions
Friday 7:30 pm Student concert, followed by reception
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