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Class Descriptions and Schedule
for the 4th Summer Texas Toot

June 2 - 8, 2002

Classes will be held Monday - Friday, two classes in the morning, and three classes in the afternoon. Saturday morning will have "after-glow" classes - schedule to be announced.

Additional details, including your class assignments, campus maps, etc., will be included in your registration packet. Also see the bottom of this page for other details!

The Texas Toot Summer Festival reserves the right to modify programs and faculty rosters in response to enrollment, student preferences, and playing levels.

Selecting Classes

Picking your classes for the 2002 Summer Toot is easy - making the decisions might be hard, but the actual class indications are easy. Simply pick one letter designator from each period, and then pick an alternate in case your first choice is full or unavailable.

I want classes:
A (D)
G (H)
N (R)
X (Z)

Remember, classes based on skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) are geared for those skills; please be ambitious but mindful of your relative skills. Our main interest is that everyone's classes are a good fit. We will have class change requests at Monday night dinner and the Monday night playing sessions so that you can choose other classes to attend in case your first (or second) choice don't work out for whatever reason. If you are signing up for a master class, please let us know what piece(s) you might like to perform and what the accompaniment is.

Send your class choices to Danny ASAP so that you can get your preferred classes. You can do so through email or by telephone (512-371-0099) or by US Mail: PO Box 4328, Austin, TX 78765.

Overview of the Week
  • Sunday afternoon 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, June 2     On campus check-in, in Harms Dorm (the "new dorm").
  • 7:15 pm Sunday, June 2     Orientation Meeting, followed by Concert and Reception

  • 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday     Daily classes (see descriptions below), with breaks and lunch
  • 7:00-ish pm Sunday through Friday     Special Evening Events (see specific times and descriptions below)

  • Saturday morning     After-glow classes, Schedule to be announced
  • Saturday after lunch     depart, and start planning to attend the Fall Toot!
Breakfast (7:30 - 9:00 am)

Period 1 (9:00-10:20 am)


A. Advanced Technique for Recorder
Instructor: M&W - Frances Blaker; T&Th - Saskia Coolen; F - Saskia & Frances

B. Ensemble Music of William Byrd: Fantasias, part-songs, etc.
Instructor: Frank Shirley

Other Winds

C. Making & maintenance of double reeds
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser
Primarily for shawms and krummhorns.

Harp & Lute

D. Historical Harp Techniques review
Instructor: Becky Baxter
For several levels of students: those with absolutely no harp experience, those with some historical harp experience, and lever or pedal harpists who want an introduction to various historical harp techniques.

E. Lute technique
Instructor: Bruce Brogdon


F. Holborn and Lupo for intermediate/advanced skill levels
Instructor: Martha Bishop

G. Beginning/lower intermediate technique
Instructor: James Brown

Coffee Break (10:20 - 10:40 am)

Period 2 (10:40-11:55 am)


H. Virtuoso master class for Baroque repertoire
Instructor: Saskia Coolen

I. Recorder technique for all levels
Instructor: Frances Blaker
Based on her technique book.

J. Renaissance recorders
Instructor: Tom Zajac
Ensemble repertory of music for the early recorder.

Other Winds

K. Playing of capped reed instruments
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser
Mostly krummhorns and cornemusen


L. "English Fantasia Hit Parade"
Instructor: Martha Bishop
For upper-intermediate levels.

Harp, Lute, Bowed Strings, Voice

M. Italian & Spanish dances and grounds of the 16th/17th centuries
Instructor: Becky Baxter
For a mixed ensemble of bowed and plucked strings and soft wind instruments, including percussion players

N. Lute song class
Instructor: Bruce Brogdon & Danny Johnson
English, French, or Italian 16th/17th c.

Lunch (12:00-1:00 pm)

Period 3 (1:30-2:50 pm)


O. Masterclass on divisions and other virtuosic Renaissance music
Instructor: Frances Blaker

P. Mixed ensemble TBA
Instructor: Saskia Coolen

Q. Beginning / Intermediate Recorder Technique
Instructor: Jan Jackson

Other Winds

R. Technique/repertoire for shawms and bagpipes
Instructor: Tom Zajac


S. Festival music for all sized viols
Instructor: Martha Bishop
Celebrate a wedding, Christmas and Easter from various countries, for a mixed-level group.

Bowed Strings, Harp, Lute, Voices

T. Beginning continuo class for plucked strings and bowed bass instruments.
Instructor: Becky Baxter, Bruce Brogdon, Danny Johnson, James Brown
No experience necessary. Harp, guitar, theorbo, and viols. This class is also open to singers.

U. Early Percussion
Instructor: Peggy Sexton
Focusing on a different instrument each day.

Coffee Break (2:50-3:10 pm)

Period 4 (3:10-4:30 pm)


V. 20th century recorder ensemble
Instructor: Saskia Coolen

W. Late Renaissance Repertoire for Recorder Ensemble
Instructor: Jan Jackson

X. Renaissance Repertoire ensemble for all recorders
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser

Mixed Instruments/Voices

Y. Mixed consorts / music of Attaignant
Instructor: Frances Blaker
A choice selection of motets and chansons for instruments and voices of all levels.

Z. "Mixed Ensemble: Music of Three Worlds"
Instructor: Tom Zajac
Singers and instrumentalists.

Viols & Violins

AA. 4 and 5 part Scheidt, Schein, Brade
Instructor: James Brown

Special Topics (4:45 - 5:30 pm)

Open to all observers>

Monday - Viol Petting Zoo
Instructor: Martha Bishop
Viol players are encouraged to come and bring an instrument to let someone try out for this period. Your generosity may have a life-altering effect on somebody!

Tuesday - Bach sonatas on the recorder
Instructor: Frances Blaker

Wednesday - Make your own van-Eyck-style variations
Instructor: Saskia Coolen

Thursday - Pipe and tabor
Instructor: Tom Zajac

Dinner (5:45 - 6:45 pm)

Evening Events

Sunday 7:15 pm Orientation Meeting
  7:35 pm Concert by North Texas University Collegium; Lyle Nordstum, director
  8:45 pm Reception
Monday 7:10 pm Madrigal Sing-Along, Frank Shirley directs
  7:30 pm Group Playing Sessions
  8:45 pm Ice Cream Social
Tuesday 7:10 pm Madrigal Sing-Along, Frank Shirley directs
  7:30 pm Texas Bach Choir, Daniel Long director
  9:00 pm Drop-in sessions
Wednesday 7:30 pm Krummhorn Konklave at Scholz's Beer Garden
Thursday 7:10 pm Madrigal Sing-Along, Frank Shirley directs
  7:30 pm Faculty Concert
  9:00 pm Drop-in sessions
Friday 7:30 pm Student Concert
  9:00 pm Reception

Saturday 10:00 am Dorm Check-out
  10:00 am - 12:00 noon Classes to be announced
Special Events

The Great Texas Krummhorn Konklave (Summer Edition) will once again thrill and delight those who make the journey to Scholz's Beer Garden (to say nothing of its effect on Scholz's regular customers) . Krummhorns will be available for all who wish to play and a cash bar will be available for those who wish to soak their reeds in beer. Non-participants are welcome, and a good time for all is guaranteed. We play, sing, converse, meet locals, and generally have a wonderful time in this Austin landmark, located just down the hill from the Texas Capitol.


If you are arriving by air, the easiest way to get to the campus is by the Super Shuttle, which will get you there for around $15 per person. Fees are set by location, so tell the operator you are going to Concordia University, 32nd St. and IH-35, zip code 78705. The Super Shuttle has an office in the airport terminal, on the Baggage Claim level. For those who need extra help, please notify me well in advance and we will arrange for you to be met at the airport.

Registration At Concordia

Registration will begin at 2:00 in the Lobby of Harms Dorm, called the "new dorm" on some of the campus maps. For a campus map, go to and follow the links to the campus map. Please be advised that the Toot is not equipped to take payment with credit cards. We do accept checks and cash. Remember to bring an extra check for the $15 Conference fee imposed by Concordia University.

Room keys and room assignments will be handed out at registration. The schedule for the week and class lists and classroom assignments will be posted in Harms and in Peters (the Music Bldg.) and we will have campus maps at registration as well. The workshop will officially begin at 7:15pm on Sunday with an orientation session, followed by a short concert by the University of North Texas Collegium and a reception in the performance hall of the Peters Center.


The first meal on your meal card is the Sunday night dinner. The last regular meal on the meal plan is Saturday breakfast; however, Concordia will make up a box lunch for the Saturday lunch at a cost of $6. Let us know as soon as possible whether or not you'd like to order a convenient box lunch, ready to travel!


Housing requests have been honored (unless you are personally informed otherwise.) Reiteration: the rooming arrangement in Harms Hall is in suites, four bedrooms to a suite. Each bedroom is private, and there are two bathrooms in each suite with a shared living room. Towels and sheets are provided. If you must arrive before Sunday, you will be able to move into your dorm room by Saturday afternoon ($26 per person fee).

What to Bring

As usual, bring a music stand, music you want to play with others, instruments you want to play, etc. For some beginning classes there will be instruments available to borrow. If you need to borrow or rent other instruments, let us know well in advance. The Boulder Early Music Shop is in residence for the Toot so music and instruments will be available for purchase and BEMS does accept credit cards. The AC in some of the dorms and classrooms can be fierce so bring a wrap or sweater; an umbrella can come in handy for summer storms.

If you want private lessons, contact the instructor(s) of choice after you arrive on campus.

Please write, call, or email if you have any other questions. This is indeed my first time to direct the Toot, and I want to assure you that my co-directors Jennifer Davis and Jenifer Thyssen and I want you to have truly wonderful experiences, musically and personally, and we will do everything in our power to make it so!

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