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Class Descriptions and Schedule
for the 3rd Summer Texas Toot

June 3 - 9, 2001

Classes will be held Monday - Friday, two classes in the morning, and three classes in the afternoon. Saturday morning will have "after-glow" classes - schedule to be announced. On the registration form you should indicate your choice of classes for each class period. Additional details, including your class assignments, campus maps, etc., will be included in your registration packet.

This online version of the Class Descriptions contains the most up-to-date version of the class schedule.

Please note that The Texas Toot reserves the right to substitute faculty or to change classes or scheduling due to extenuating circumstances.

Overview of the Week
  • 4:00 pm Sunday, June 3     On campus check-in begins.
  • 7:30 pm Sunday, June 3     Large group playing, led by David Barton

  • 9:00 am - 5:20 pm Monday through Friday     Daily classes (see descriptions below), with breaks and lunch
  • 7:30 pm Monday through Friday     Special Evening Events (see descriptions below)

  • Saturday morning     After-glow classes, Schedule to be announced
  • Saturday after lunch     depart, and start planning to attend the Fall Toot!
Period 1 (9:00-10:20 am)

Individual technique (lower intermediate)
Instructor: Paul van Loey
Exercises on tone, articulation, breathing, and finger control.

Ensemble Technique (upper intermediate)
Instructor: Bart Spanhove
Using methods outlined in his book, The Finishing Touch of Ensemble Playing, Bart works with players to improve their skills in ensemble playing.

Renaissance recorder consort (upper intermediate to advanced)
Instructor: Han Tol
Learn the technique and fine points of playing on renaissance recorders with historical fingerings. A full 8' consort, including g basset and g alto, will be available for participants to use. Enrollment limited.

Baroque recorder technique (advanced)
Instructor: Joris van Goethem
Study of fine points of technique used in baroque performance. The class will include playing baroque music in ensemble.

Viol technique
Instructor: Ann Marie Morgan
Exercises to improve your left-hand technique, bow technique, and viol playing skills in general. Class covers all aspects of viol playing from the ground up.

Period 2 (10:30-11:50 am)

For recorder players, the schedule varies by day:

Tuesday - Maintenance of recorders Instructor: Joris van Goethem

Wednesday and Friday - Baroque master class Instructor: Paul van Loey

Thursday - Comparing CDs Instructor: Bart Spanhove
Listening to and comparing recordings.

Lute songs
Instructors: Danny Johnson and Bruce Brogdon
This class covers the lute song repertoire. Both singers and lute players needed.

Recorder ensemble (low intermediate)
Instructor: Jan Jackson
Duets and trios from the Renaissance, including instruction in simple ornamentation.

Recorder ensemble (upper intermediate)
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser
Challenging recorder repertoire.

Baroque bonanza
Instructor: Frank Shirley
Concerti and other masterpieces by Telemann, Vivaldi, and Bach.

Viol consorts
Instructors: Ann Marie Morgan and Susan Barton
One-on-a-part consorts will explore the music of Williams Lawes, John Jenkins, John Dowland, William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons, John Ward, William Simmes, William White, and others.

Beginning Historical Harp Technique
Instructor: Becky Baxter
This class is for several levels of students: those with absolutely no harp experience, those with some historical harp experience, and for lever or pedal harpists who want an introduction to various historical harp techniques and considerations. The class also offers a brief overview of early harp repertoire. There will be many different historical harps available to use in the class.

Period 3 (1:00-2:20 pm)

Recorder ensemble (upper intermediate and advanced)
Instructor: Han Tol
Music of Italy circa 1600.

Recorder ensemble (upper intermediate)
Instructor: Paul van Loey
English consort music for recorders.

Recorder ensemble (lower intermediate)
Instructor: Joris van Goethem
Music of Germany from 1600 to 1750

Recorder ensemble for 20th century music (upper int. and advanced)
Instructor: Bart Spanhove
Recorder music composed after 1975.

Intabulating medieval and renaissance literature for solo harp
Instructor: Becky Baxter
Early vocal and dance music intabulated and arranged by the class as harp solos. All level of techinique accommodated. Bring blank manuscript paper and your favorite early music ensemble music that you want to play as a harp solo.

Bow soul
Instructor: Ann Marie Morgan
If the bow is the soul of the viol, this class is "Care of the Soul" for viol players. Class members bring phrases from solo and/or consort music for the class to work on as a group, using Ann Marie's carefully thought-out method of managing the bow.

Period 4 (2:30-3:50 pm)

Double reed class
Instructors: Sara Funkhouser, David Barton
Renaissance double reed technique and ensemble playing for both beginners and experienced players.

Singing for non-singers
Instructor: Danny Johnson
Last year, this class got rave reviews from the "non-singers" who were brave enough to try singing. It returns again this year with more help for people who think they cannot sing.

Mexed ensemble for lutes, viols, and recorders
Instructor: Bruce Brogdon
Experience the joy of playing luscious music in an ensemble of plucked, bowed, and wind instruments.

Grounded: Spanish dances and grounds of the 16th and 17th centuries
Instructor: Becky Baxter
A mixed ensemble of bowed strings, plucked strings, soft winds, and percussion. Spanish harp music and traditional dances provide the foundation for the music to be studied and improvised upon. Musical models and theoretical sources used in this course are Henestrosa, Santa Maria, Cabezon, Huete, Sanz, and Ribayaz.

Beginning Viol
Instructor: Susan Barton
This class is for all who want to meet the viola da gamba for the first time, or have played just a little bit and want to get a solid start on the viol. Simple part-music will be attempted as we explore the resources of early music's most accessible bowed string instrument. Treble, tenor, and bass viols are available to use for the week.

Early Music percussion techniques
Instructor: Peggy Sexton
A class in a variety of early music percussion techniques, to be used for early music from various regions. The class will include basic standard concert tambourine technique, middle eastern and eastern European techniques, southern Italian techniques, and a survery of various frame drum types and techniques.

Period 5 (4:00-5:20 pm)

Recorder choir
Instructors: Paul van Loey, Bart Spanhove
All recorders players in a large group. A variety of music, in different styles.

Rhetoric (Wednesday and Friday)
Instructor: Joris van Goethem
Don't let the course title put you off! Joris will give us "A true understanding of the baroque musical language."

Medieval music from Germany
Instructor: Danny Johnson
A class for singers, players, and percussionsists. Repertoire will include (but is not limited to) Carmina Burana, Minnesang, and the music of Hildegard von Bingen.

A Serious Krummhorn Class
Instructor: Sara Funkhouser
Learn and practice the finer points of krummhorn playing - articulation, intonation, tone production, reeds, and all the other things you need to know to make these instruments sound good.

Lute technique
Instructor: Bruce Brogdon
Covers basic technique and provides help for beginners. We'll find a lute for you to play if you don't have one.

Renaissance Violin Band
Instructor: Susan Barton
Music of Brade, Holborne, Schein, Scheidt. We'll find that the dance music many of us are accustomed to playing on recorders or viols sounds fresh and lively on violin family instruments. Repertoire will be selected from editions by Attaignant, Brade, Simpson, Holborne, and Scheidt. Baroque or modern instruments acceptable; early bows provided.

Private lessons
Private lessons will be offered by members of the Flanders Recorder Quartet and Ann Marie Morgan. Contact them individually to discuss lessons and arrange times and payments.

Evening Events 7:30 pm

Sunday Large group playing, led by David Barton
Monday The Great Texas Krummhorn Konklave
Tuesday Lecture demonstration by Flanders Recorder Quartet (Bart Spanhove)
Wednesday Quiz on ornaments by Flanders Recorder Quartet (Han Tol)
Thursday Concert by the Flanders Recorder Quartet
Friday Student recital
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