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About the 10th Annual Renaissance Polyphony Weekend

February 4-6, 2000

You are invited to join others interested in sacred Renaissance polyphony for a weekend singing the music of Orlando di Lasso (1532-94). The occasion is the 10th annual Renaissance Polyphony Weekend at the University of Dallas, led by Dr. William Mahrt of Stanford University. The singer's retreat will conclude with a celebrated Latin Mass at St. Luke's Catholic Church, 202 S. MacArthur Blvd., Irving.

Participants will learn Lasso's Missa Doulce memoire, which will provide the ordinary of the Latin Mass. The retreat choir will also prepare some Gregorian chants and a variety of motets to be sung within the Mass.

Orlando di Lasso's Missa Doulce memoire is one of his best parody Masses (a Mass which bases its musical language upon a well-known motet, chanson, or madrigal). For Lasso, the composition of such a piece was the occasion for a sophisticated interaction of musical meanings between the Mass and its model, and the chanson Doulce memoire by Pierre Sandrin provides an anthology of reminiscences on happy times juxtaposed with present sadness that are exploited in his very sensitive treatment in the Mass. The chanson will be sung and studied for the nature of its expression, and application to the Mass will be made in rehearsal. Lasso's more than twelve hundred motets are a treasury of various styles, techniques, and kinds of expression; several motets will be sung as examples of this great diversity.

Those who want to look at the Doulce memoire Mass may attend reading sessions 7:30 p.m. Sundays, January 16, 23, 30 (note these are the correct dates, not the ones printed in the brochure) at 9215 Forest Hills Blvd., Dallas 75218 (near White Rock Lake).

Retreat sessions begin Friday, February 4, at the University of Dallas; they will continue Saturday morning and afternoon. So that voices do not become fatigued, breaks and/or discussions of the music will occur during rehearsals.

After a Sunday morning rehearsal (for those with no church music commitments) and a Sunday afternoon rehearsal/warmup at UD, retreat participants will sing the Lasso Mass at 6 p.m. at St. Luke's.

All music will be rehearsed and performed a capella. Participants need not be professional singers, but should be proficient readers with a good sense of pitch.

We will follow the Saturday afternoon rehearsal with wine and cheese for all participants.

The weekend retreat is sponsored by the University of Dallas Music Department, Dallas Renaissance and Medieval Music, the Texas Toot, and the Renaissance Polyphony Project.

Please register by January 29. You may register online, but we must receive your deposit check by postal mail to complete your registration.

For further information, call Susan Barton at 214/327-6823 or email to Please share this information with other interested singers.

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