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Class Descriptions and Schedule
for the 31st Fall Texas Toot

Nov 17 - 19, 2006


Here's an overview of the week's schedule for mealtimes, classes, check-in and check-out, etc. Note the extracurricular activities such as madrigal singing, English country dancing, and the Great Krummhorn Konklave, as well as a faculty concert.

See the list of classes offered. If you've already registered, please send us your class choices.

Overview of the Weekend
Friday evening
4:00 pm — check-in begins
7:30 pm — Orientation / Toot Membership Meeting, followed by large-group playing
Saturday (note breaks between class times)
Breakfast (7:30-8:30 am, Dining Hall)
Class 1 (8:50-10:10 am)
Class 2 (10:40-12 noon)
Lunch (12 noon-1:00 pm)
Class 3 (1:00-2:15 pm)
Class 4 (2:30-3:45 pm)
Class 5 (4:00-5:15 pm)
Dinner (5:30-6:30 pm, Dining Hall)
Nightly Event (generally starting at 7:30 pm)
Breakfast (7:30-8:30 am, Dining Hall)
Class 1 (8:50-10:10 am)
Class 2 (10:40-12 noon)
Check out by noon, and start planning to come to the Summer Toot!

Classes Offered (as of 10/27/2006)

Bauer1Modal improvisation: improvise in Estampie form, learning modes and modal pattern recognition by ear (with some music handed out later in the lesson)Mixed group, all levels; for recorders, alto a must, soprano also OK
Bauer2Browning: 3-5 part consort pieces, 16th century arrangements of a famous folk tunerecorders, upper intermediate to advanced
Bauer3The Dufay-Dunstable connection; La contenance angloiserecorders, upper intermediate to advanced
Bauer4English music 1250-1650: selections from "Sumer Is Icumen In" to Holborne consort piecesrecorders, intermediate and up
Bauer5Baroque Recorder Master Classrecorders, intermediate and up
Frank1The Italian Canzona: Priuli, Gabrieli, et alIntermediate to advanced recorders
Frank2J. S. Bach on RecordersIntermediate to advanced recorders
Frank3Dance music from Belgium and Germany: Susato, Widman, and moreBeginning to intermediate recorders
Jan1Music by Mogens Pederson(1580-1628 or c1584-1623): Swedish court musicrecorders, intermediate and up
Jan2aspects of technique for recorder - tongue and fingersbeginners and lower intermediate through upper intermediate
Jan3Italian Canzonas; ensemble ambrosiarecorders, intermediate and up
Tom1Polish music: Music from Poland's Golden Age: 1540-1690 all instruments, intermediate and up
Tom2shawm classall levels
Tom3percussion classall levels
Doug1krumhorn classall levels
Doug2cornetto classall levels
Doug3mixed loud bandshawms, dulcian, sackbut, cornetto; intermediate and up
TomDoug4recorder ensemblelower intermediate and up
TomDoug5mixed ensemblerecorders, voices, strings; all levels
Becky1Beginning harpall levels
Becky2Dances from Attaingnant for multiple harpsall levels
Becky3Harp accompaniments for all harps and all timesall levels
Becky4Harp technique(s) explored, and your questions answeredall levels
Bruce1lute techniqueall levels
Bruce2French/Flemish Renaissance music for lute ensembleall but beginners
BruceDan3English lute song class: coaching on style and technique for voicevoice, all levels; lute, intermediate and up
BruceDan4Airs de cours (song) class: coaching on style and technique for voicevoice, all levels; lute, intermediate and up
BruceBecky5plucked string ensembleharps and lutes, all levels
Danny1Carmina Burana - Music from the original Medieval Hitvoices, winds and strings, all levels
Honey1Medieval improv for harpsall levels
Honey2How to put a medieval song together (for strings)plucked & bowed strings, all levels
Honey3An Irish/Celtic-y classall welcome!
John-Mark1Technique Class: Studying viola da gamba playing as movement. Stretching, tone production, finger action, scales, exercises, etudes, and some Avant-garde repertoireViols; all levels, all sizes
John-Mark2Avant-garde Music: Featuring Terry Riley's In CAll instruments, all levels welcome.
John-Mark3Music of Christopher Tye: Lots of In nomines and other cantus firmus based pieces. Very beautiful, very weirdIntermediate and advanced viols
John-Mark4Repertoire of the Viola da Gamba Dojo: A collection of pieces chosen for their beauty and teaching qualities. Works of Taverner, Lawes, Purcell, Sermisy, Bourgeois, Tallis, Isaac, Senfl, Holborne, Ortiz, Praetorius, Kreutzer, Anonymous et alia.All levels welcome. Intended for viols, but recorder players and others can participate.
John-Mark5English Consort Class: If the class is advanced, we do Jenkins and Lawes. If not, we do Holborne.Viols; intermediate to advanced

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