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Texas Toot Schedule - Fall 2005

The Toot reserves the right to modify programs and faculty rosters in response to enrollment, playing levels, and student preferences. Though the Toot tradition of being able to choose your classes at the last minute will continue, we wish to give the Faculty an estimate of the number of students to prepare for. The list of classes below is not a complete list and if another class that appeals to you is announced at a later date you are not "bound" to your choices below. When you register, please list the class and instrument choices accordingly, but feel free to attend the classes spontaneously.

For background information about our distinguished faculty members, see the Featured Faculty section.

Gwyn Roberts (Recorders)

GWYN1Baroque repertoire master class for recordersadvanced recorder
GWYN2Running your own ensemble: how to rehearse together, picking good repertoire for a mixed group, choosing good instruments or making best use of what you have, etc.anyone
GWYN3John Dowland's Seaven Teares recorders, high intermediate/advanced
GWYN4Recorder technique and problem-solvingany level
GWYN5Baroque ensemble music for recorders: Bach fugues, Boismortier, Telemann and Bach orchestral music in arrangements, etc.recorders, high intermediate/advanced
GWYN6Chansons and Canzonas: mid-sixteenth-century french chansons and the late-seventeenth-century italian canzona style that grew out of themrecorders, intermediate/advanced

Valerie Horst (Recorders and Notation)

HRST1Introduction to early notationanyone
HRST2Music of Jacob Obrecht in honor of the 500th anniversary of his deathrecorders, intermediate-advanced
HRST3Music of Palestrinarecorders, low intermediate
HRST4Music of Du Fayrecorders, advanced
HRST5Ensemble class TBA 

Doug Kirk (Reeds and Brass)

KIRK1Music for the Duke of Lerma: pieces from the Golden Age in Spainshawms, sackbuts, and dulcians
KIRK2[with Bruce Brogdon] Music for the Duke of Lerma: pieces from Golden Age in Spainbig band: all instruments/voices welcome
KIRK3German wind band manuscript surveycapped reeds and sackbuts, intermediate/advanced
KIRK4Intermediate double reeds ensembleshawms; cornetto/ sackbut/ dulcian also welcome
KIRK5Large ensemble, krummhorns only: Psalms for krummhornskrummhorns

Ros Morley (Viols)

MORL1The earliest viol music: German renaissance music from the viol primer "Musica GeTeutscht" (GOOOOrgeous simple music!)viols, low level or as a warm-up
MORL2A violin band with music by Holborne and Bradeviols and violin, intermediate
MORL3Contrapuntal genius: music of Bach and Purcellviols, advanced
MORL4Trying your hand at Tablature: Hume's ensemble music, a great way to advance your techniquebass and tenor viols, all levels
MORL5The great madrigal fantasies of Coperario, Ward and othersfor a class of 5 or 6 viols, high intermediate/advanced

Becky Baxter (Early Harps)

BAXT1Renaissance Harp Ensemble: read-through of an eclectic mix of renaissance dance and chanson favoritesharp, all levels
BAXT2Beginning harp: medieval/renaissance harp 'petting zoo' with an introduction to technique; reading of musical notation helpful but not required to enjoy this class. You will need a music stand to use your hand-outsbeginning harp
BAXT3Patterns & Preludes for early harps: brushing up on technique patterns idiomatic to historical harp and how to improvise a medieval preludeintermediate harp
BAXT4Harp Mini-masterclass: open forum to have critical coaching for harpists performing any harp repertoire or to have critical commentary on improving skills in arranging and intabulating music for harp. Discussion of context and style from a historical harp perspective will be the foundation for dialogue. Bring at least three copies of pieces to be performed or discussed.some experience with historical harp (playing or arranging)

Bruce Brogdon (Lutes)

BROG1Lute technique classbeginners and those who have some playing experience
BROG2Early Italian Dances for lute ensembleall levels
BROG3[with Amy Brumley] Lute song intermediate to advanced
BROG4[with Douglas Kirk] Music for the Duke of Lerma: pieces from Golden Age in Spainbig band: all instruments/voices welcome

Amy Brumley (Voice)

BRUM1Special topic: Italian Baroque song: Introduction to Italian pronunciation, repertoire and ornaments. Includes music by Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Caccini, Scarlatti and Carissimi. Participants will receive a book of favorite songs to take home with them. 
BRUM2Masterclass: coaching of prepared song from any repertoire from the Renaissance to early Classical for lute or keyboard. Please let us know your selection ahead of time, and bring copies of your song to share with the class. (Offered two class periods.) 
BRUM3Voice technique for all singers and "non-singers": some basic and some more advanced issues such as breathing, vowels, exercises, tone, resonance and "the vibrato question". 
BRUM4[with Daniel Johnson] Prepared ensemble singing. Groups pre-assigned parts/ music to coach ensemble skills, blend, tuning, cutoffs, etc. 

Frank Shirley (Recorders)

SHIR1The Music of John Dowland for recorders, gambas, and lutesintermediate to advanced
SHIR2Bach Fugues and Motet 6, "Lobet den Herrn", for recordersrecorders, advanced
SHIR3Music of Scheidt and Schein for recorders, Part IIrecorders, upper intermediate to advanced
SHIR4Ensemble technique using Renaissance dances by Susato and Praetoriusnot-quite-beginners up to low-intermediate recorders

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