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Texas Toot Schedule - 2002

The Toot reserves the right to modify programs and faculty rosters in response to enrollment, playing levels, and student preferences. Though the Toot tradition of being able to choose your classes at the last minute will continue, we wish to give the Faculty an estimate of the number of students to prepare for. The list of classes below is not a complete list and if another class that appeals to you is announced at a later date you are not "bound" to your choices below. When you register, please list the class and instrument choices accordingly, but feel free to attend the classes spontaneously.

For background information about our distinguished faculty members, see the Featured Faculty section.

David Barton (reeds and recorders)

Mr. Barton will be teaching an ensemble class devoted to Christmas music by Praetorius. ( He will lead a Susato "big-band" session on Friday night and more.)

Becky Baxter (historical harp)

Becky Baxter will be teaching two classes in historical harp technique: one for those with absolutely no harp experience and one for intermediate level harpists. She will also teach two ensemble classes TBA.

Frances Blaker (recorder)

Ms. Blaker will be teaching two masterclasses, one for virtuosic Renaissance music and one for Baroque repertoire; recorder technique for all levels,based on her technique book; and a consort class for recorders.

James Brown (viol)

James will be teaching beginning viols, two classes for viol consorts, a rousing class for "violin band", and also consort songs.

Bruce Brogdon (lute)

Bruce will be teaching lute technique, lute song class (in conjunction with Danny Johnson) and beginning lute.

Sara Funkhouser (reeds and recorder)

Sara's courses will include a krumhorn consort class, a double reed class for true beginners and one for intermediate to advanced players, and a class in Renaissance consort music for recorders.

Therese Honey (harps)

Therese Honey will teach a class on accompanying English country dances; chordal instruments are welcome (and a few melodic instruments would be nice!)

Jan Jackson (recorder)

Jan will teach a class on articulation ("The Tongue as an Instrument"), a class on "Faster Fingers: Speed-M-Up Techniques") and Sextets from the Baroque for mixed ensembles.

Danny Johnson (voice and workshop director)

Danny will share a lute song class with Bruce Brogdon, a solo masterclass for advanced singers, and a class exploring the Carmina Burana Ms. for singers and instrumentalists.

Dr. Frank Shirley (recorder)

Frank's class on Saturday will be an ensemble on Dowland songs for recorders, viols, lutes, and voices; on Sunday he will have a class on Bach's music for recorders.

Dale Taylor (winds)

Mr. Taylor's class, "Solving Hemiolas and Proportions", will address many of the most common problems in Renaissance meter shifts; journey into the cosmos of the early theorists but with a practical bent, as you'll learn how to incorporate them into your own performances. All instrumentalists and singers are invited.

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